Six Sentence – March 11

Well here’s another excerpt from my WIP “Let Go”. In this scene the main character Ryan is asking the girl, whose name he doesn’t know yet, why she left class early. Since some people have asked me to write some more, in response to my last posting, I hope you enjoy! Here it is.

“So why’d you ditch early?” Ryan asked, keeping an eye on his watch.

“Meh, it’s the first day…trust me, nothin’ big happens the first day.”

“You missed a lot though, we got like twenty pages to read by Thursday.”

Ryan had mixed feelings about her; one side of him thought she might be trouble, since it was obvious that school was a joke to her. On the other hand, he liked how she took an interest in him.

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One thought on “Six Sentence – March 11

  1. I like her comment. So true. I loved the first day because nothing big ever happens.

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