Not published? No problem!

So you have an idea for a book and you’ve been working hard at it so one day it will get published? But you want to make yourself known before your work comes out, but you feel intimidated that you’re not published yet. Am I right? First let me say congrats on wanting to step out into the literary world with countless of other authors out there! And don’t feel like you’re inferior just because you haven’t been published. The fact is you haven’t been published yet. Remember, everyone’s got to start from somewhere. All the big name authors have had to earn their stripes from scratch. The process isn’t easy, but it can be done! I know this because I’m not published, so I’m just like you. Here’s a few tips from someone who’s going down the road you’re travelling:

1. Join a few writer’s groups. These groups have published and unpublished authors who are more than happy to help. Ask them questions and seek out their sage advice. The reason I say join a few groups is so that you get a feel for what’s out there. The more groups you join, the more help you get meaning your writing will improve. Also, it is good to have other writers read your work so you can see that you’re on the right track. Friends, significant others and family, although good sources for insight, often will only tell you what you wanna hear. Writers will tell you the truth and that’s what you want!

2. Is there a particular author you like? Visit their website and read through their pages. Better yet if they offer a way to contact them, contact them! Ask them how they got started, where they get their ideas from. These little bits go along way.

3. Develop an audience for yourself. Start a blog, a website or use sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr as a way for people to know who you are (asides being a close chum!). Post little snippets of work, that way people will already have a taste for your book and will look forward to reading it when it comes out.

4. Say to yourself over and over “I am worthy, I can do this, I will do this!” In the end the only person stopping you from writing and being published is you. Stick to your project one hundred percent and don’t let people tell you “you can’t be writer!” Perseverance triumphs always! This goes for when you submit your work to publishers. You will get rejected, but don’t let that stop you! Don’t take rejection too personal. Submit, submit, submit my friend!

So now that you’ve got some hints, go and write! I’m rooting for you! As the guy in the “Red and Green Show” says “We’re all in this together!”

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2 thoughts on “Not published? No problem!

  1. Great tips. It’s important for new writers not to get discouraged.

    • followingthesunset

      Thanks! That’s what I thought…I’ll be posting more related to this soon

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