Six Sentence – 4/1/2012

Here’s another excerpt from my WIP. In this one Ryan, who’s riding in the car with Cammy, is a little edgy and she quickly notices. Thanks for the previous comments and hope you enjoy this one.

“Whatsa matter?” she glimpsed at him.

Ryan didn’t want to risk agitating her by mentioning how this situation made him uneasy. “I was…just thinkin’…you know,”

“Spit it out!” she blurted.

“You think your boyfriend might be mad, if he knew I was sittin’ here?” he asked, stunned at himself for making such an impetuous assumption.

“Don’t have one,” she snickered.



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8 thoughts on “Six Sentence – 4/1/2012

  1. Jo-Ann Carson

    Nice. U like the building tension.

  2. siobhanmuir

    Intriguing six, Frank. I’ll be interested to see where it goes. 🙂

  3. I like their interactions, could feel his tension and her impishness…

  4. I like it. He didn’t come right out and ask her but he got the information he wanted.

    • followingthesunset

      Thanks Cindy! That’s the way he is in this situation.

  5. What an indirect and sweet way to get that very important piece of information. Super six!

    • followingthesunset

      Thank you, that’s what I had thought.

  6. I love how sweet this is! Asking about her boyfriend … that was perfect! I could practically hear him sputter. ;c)

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