Six Sentence – 4/8/2012

Here’s another excerpt from my WIP. Here Ryan and Cammy are walking to her car. She won’t tell him where they’re going, and Ryan’s losing his patience. I will most likely be absent from the next few Six Sundays. I’m taking a course right now, which is sucking up most of my free time. I will try to comment on some of your work, but I appreciate your patience. Anyways, here it is:

Maintaining her sauntering pace, she continued to lead him through a winding pathway into a parking lot resembling that of Disneyland.
“How far we gotta walk?” Ryan asked.

“What’s your rush?”

“Just wanna have some clue, that’s all,” he clenched his jaw and fanned his chest with his shirt.

“Such a beautiful day,” She extended her arms outwards, her palms opened up as she took a deep satisfying breath. Ryan gave up and kept following her, anticipating the words ‘Here we are!’

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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence – 4/8/2012

  1. She’s leading him a merry chase 😉 Can feel his frustration…

  2. Intriguing six…definitely want more!

  3. siobhanmuir

    I hope she surprises him and makes all his frustration worth it! 😀 Fun six, Frank.

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