Six Sentence – 5/13/12

Greetings fellow sixers and happy Mother’s Day! Here’s another bit from my current project. Actually, it’s part of a chapter I’ve been writing this past week, and I hope you all like it – your comments are always helpful and makes things all worth the while. Here we have Ryan and Cammy at popular spot on campus; Cammy has been kind of ignoring Ryan’s presence and suddenly asks Ryan to compliment her, so he lets his feelings be known. So here it is:

“Look, I’d love to say somethin’ nice but right now I get the feeling like you don’t want me here. You said not be nervous around you and that you won’t hurt me, but honestly I think all that’s bullshit!”

Ryan sighed as a heavy weight suddenly lifted away from his weary shoulders. Cammy dropped the book on the dusty floor and leaned over to him, as she planted her hands on his shoulders.

“Listen,” she said, looking directly into his eyes. “I do want you here, and I won’t hurt you, ever…you get what I’m sayin’?”

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5 thoughts on “Six Sentence – 5/13/12

  1. Sounds like their feelings about each other are pretty confused.

    • Frank Fisher

      That’s true…they are of different personalities

  2. I like that he had the guts to be honest, which in turn prompts her to be honest too. Intriguing 6!

  3. Wildcat's Wife

    His bravery is commendable but I’m not so sure about Cammy’s true intentions. Good, honest dialogue going on over here!!

  4. Love the honesty here! They’ve put it on the table (or so it appears, LOL) – can’t wait to see the next installment! (And I do apologize for being late to reply. I’m still catching up from Mother’s Day weekend.)

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