Six Sentence – 5/26/12

Hello sixers! Here’s an excerpt which follows my previous six. Here, Ryan expresses his annoyance to Cammy a little more. Hopefully, this fills in a few blanks for you. Sometimes, I feel like I’m leaving too many gaps in my six. Anyways, here it is and as always your comments are appreciated.

“It’s just…you kept readin’ that book…it’s like you didn’t even care about what I was sayin’,” Ryan stammered. He couldn’t believe that he had to tell her this since he assumed that she would know better.

“You’re right…guess I did make ya feel uncomfortable…my bad,” she nodded.

“So what’s your friggin’ deal Cammy? I swear if you weren’t a girl, I’d-”

“You’d what?” she blurted, folding her arms. Mortified by his own words, he dipped his chin to his chest.

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4 thoughts on “Six Sentence – 5/26/12

  1. He just keeps digging that hole! Great tension here Frank! Can’t wait to see how he gets this straightened out without getting a facer 🙂

  2. Talk about “open mouth, insert foot.” Fun six, Frank. 🙂

  3. I love the dialogue in this scene. This was a very fun and authentic feeling six. Excellent job.

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