Walking in the rain


This past weekend was a rather wet and miserable one here in the Sunshine State. In the summer, it is common for afternoon thunderstorms but they usually last an hour or two. This weekend, it rained on and off – but mostly on. Most people dread rainy days and just want to be indoors. Depression, somber, fatigue often characterizes rainy days. I admit, I’m no fan of rainy days; I much prefer the sunshine. But then again, we have to face rainy days sometimes. Just think what the folks in places like Vancouver, Ireland, and Halifax have to go through. I didn’t want to be cooped up all weekend, so I decided to walk on the beach in pouring rain without an umbrella – that’s right you read it! I walked out on the beach in the rain and it wasn’t the first time I did so.

Since I was laid off from work last month, I’ve been going through a rough time trying to figure out what to do next. Furthermore, my dreams of teaching English in Spain have been wiped out by the economic crisis and fierce competition. You might say I’m ‘lost’ at the moment, but I will get there. Anyways, I decided to forget thinking about the future and enjoy the present, so I just stepped outside, strolled the beach under the gloomy sky, and let the droplets run down my skin. Oddly enough, I wasn’t alone as there were a few brave souls basking in the rain. I walked for half a mile and back, not caring about getting soaked but just enjoying the moment. For me, this helped clear my head and get in touch with what was real. That moment, I enjoyed who and where I was and nothing else mattered. Not even the angry sea could take me away from take me away from that ‘place.’ In those moments on the beach in the rain, I felt like I was spending time with God because my mind was clear and all my troubles left me. I encourage you to do the same at least once in a while.

You see when rainy days come, they naturally get you to run and hide. However, when you do like I did, you’re saying “I’m not afraid of you, bring it on! I can take it!” This can boost your confidence and prepare you for similar scenarios in life – your boss, coworker, anyone who may try to intimidate you. In regards to my previous point, walking in the rain and enjoying it can clear your mind and relieve any stress you might have at that moment. It also helps to live and enjoy the present moment, which is something a wise friend told me to do. I might sound like a ‘weirdo’ but give it a shot! You won’t know ‘til you try. Moreover, because we’re into summer, this is best time to try it. After all, walking in the rain when it’s warm won’t do you any harm. Enjoy the moment and enjoy the rain!

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