4th of July

Well yesterday as you might guess from the photo, I watched the 4th of July fireworks from the beach (awesome display by the way). The beach was very crowded all day and evening, and I wondered what it was like in other cities throughout the country. I’m guessing that it was more or less the same, or perhaps some places might’ve been more crowded. And being a Canadian, I made the most of the festivities; I even walked the beach waving the American flag. I did, however, feel intimidated being the only non-American in the crowd. Have you ever felt like you were just some face in the crowd? What can you do in that situation? Well, I just put on a big smile and try to enjoy things. And that’s probably the best thing to do – just don’t show any signs of fear. Easier said than done, but it still doesn’t hurt to try.

The best part of this day was spending time with my good, small circle of friends. We just sat around, ate, drank (not too much!) and had a few laughs. I only see these people maybe twice a year, but we always have a blast when we meet up. I’m grateful to have these friends in my life – they’re reliable and appreciate the finer things in life. They’re the ones whom I can say “these guys are truly my friends”. Do you know who your true friends are? The ones you don’t have to chase all the time? The ones who call once in a while to say “Hi!”? The ones who do appreciate your company? If so, tell them how much you value their friendship. Tell them “you’re a great friend”. You’ll be surprised as how much of a difference it makes. You want them to know how much they mean to you. After all, What would you do if they suddenly weren’t in your life anymore?

Anyways, happy belated 4th of July and remember tell America how much you value her. Show your pride everyday, not just the 4th of July!

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