Six Sunday 7/15/12

Another Sunday is here. First, I want to thank those for the critiquing on my last six. It helped a great deal, though I felt guilty for not catching that the first time I wrote it. Anyways, this week we continue from my last six, where Cammy hasn’t answered Ryan’s question about her dad, so he pushes for an answer. Hope you like it and hope you’re all having a good summer! Here it is:

“Yo, Earth to Cammy,” Ryan said, raising his voice and poking at her arm. “What?” she finally looked at him with her droopy eyes.

“You didn’t answer me…is your dad, you know, uh-”

“No, he’s livin’, last time I checked, he and I got some…issues.”

“OK, you coulda told me that.”

Cammy shrugged and went back to staring at the twig-littered ground.

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10 thoughts on “Six Sunday 7/15/12

  1. maccrowne

    Nice dialog. Very realistic.

  2. Nice dialogue, Frank! She answers him, but not really 🙂

    • Frank Fisher

      Right on! There is more to it than what she tells him.

  3. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Cammy sounds like damaged goods. Poor girl.

  4. This is nice natural dialogue, Frank. I can hear their voices in my head, though I’m not sure Ryan and Cammy are supposed to have valleys Welsh accents. 🙂

  5. siobhanmuir

    Looks like he’ll have to push a little harder. Good six, Frank. 🙂

  6. Jessica Subject

    The dialogue creates some nice tension. 🙂

  7. fantastic dialogue 🙂

  8. Thanks for the nice comment. Guess I’d best catch up with you 😀

    • Frank Fisher

      Anytime, catch up whenever you can. It’s hard when there’s like 200 people signed up each week

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