Six Sunday 7/22/12

It’s #sixsunday again, where writers from all over share snippets from their work. There are some great writers I’ve seen out there and I commend you on all your hard work. This week I’m taking a break from the issue with Cammy and her dad, and focusing on a chapter I’m currently writing. In this scene, Ryan is sitting in a coffee shop when Cammy shows up to join him. Hope you all like and as always appreciate your feedback!

He sat up with his spine straight as an arrow, his heart racing as he watched her shuffling towards the booth. Her usual sardonic smile faded as she got within an arm’s reach of him.

“Ugh! That shirt’s so not you!” she said wrinkling her nose.

With a blank look, Ryan peered at his red t-shirt. “This how you say ‘hi’ to people?”

“Depends on three things: my mood, time of day and who I’m sayin’ ‘hi’to.”


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10 thoughts on “Six Sunday 7/22/12

  1. Jessica Subject

    She sure is straightforward. LOL Nice six! 🙂

  2. Nice! I love reading conversations where people say what they mean to say; so much more fun than real life, where I have to be polite all the time.

  3. Yeah, she’s definitely straight to the point! Good 6, Frank!

  4. Well, I’d say her mood is NOT good!

  5. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Your characterization of them is so clear, and she must be shuffling because of the weight of that chip on her shoulder. Poor Ryan; there must be *something* in Cammy that makes him tolerate her.

    • Frank Fisher

      Thanks Monica, and yes there is “something” that makes Ryan tolerate her; can’t say what it is yet though.

  6. Just from her dialogue I’m assuming she’s a teenager. Moody.

    • Frank Fisher

      Yes she is, well actually she’s 20 but close enough I guess. Good that you noticed that though.

  7. Wow, it seems like she and I share the same philosophy when it comes to dealing with people. Very nice job!

  8. Oh that’s so Cammy – telling it like it is. Still loving it. Keep the sixes coming.

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