Six Sunday – 8/19/12

Good morning its #sixsunday where authors share six sentences from their stories. Thanks to everyone for your constant feedback. I’m glad that many of you love the dialogue in my snippets. This week we move a little further into the chapter where Ryan, still at the coffee shop, checks the time to make sure he can get back to school. Cammy doesn’t appreciate this and let’s him know. The next few Sundays will be dedicated to this scene. Hope you enjoy!

He glanced at his wrist, checking his watch to make sure there was enough time to get back to campus. She abruptly gripped his wrist, covering the watch.

“You and this damn watch,” she said, slowly shaking her head in disappointment.

“I was just checkin’ time, I gotta be at work later,” he retorted.

“Just can’t chill, can ya?” she clucked her tongue and undid the silver metal link with her free hand.

“What are you doin”?” he raised his voice.

For more snippets from other authors, visit Six Sunday. Some of my favorites include Elin Gregory, Angela Quarles, Jess Schira and Jessica E. Subject.

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13 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 8/19/12

  1. Jessica Subject

    Oh yes, I’m curious to know what her intentions are, too. Great six! 🙂

  2. Uh, oh, that almost sounds like she’s taking away his security blanket! You can feel his panic starting!

    And thanks for the shout out!

  3. I can see this escalating into a major fight if she’s trying to take away his watch and he has to be somewhere on time.

  4. A man’s undivided attention is worth a lot to a girl. 🙂 unless she’s nicking it of course. But Cammy strikes me as the more practical of the two. Nice six, Frank, and thanks a lot for the mention.

    • Happy to mention you, I love your work. And yes, Cammy is actually the more practical…she’s very beneficial to Ryan

  5. I’m enjoying the interaction between these two, Frank. Nice six again!

  6. What’s a guy to do without a watch? Nice six

  7. Carrie Crain

    I bet she’s going to toss the watch in a bold move. 😉 Cute snippet!

  8. Interesting interaction and a surprise move by Cammie adds to it nicely.

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