When the magic of summer is gone

Does this image make you cringe? You know that thought – back to school, back to books, back to teachers, etc. I remember being depressed at this time of year when I was a kid. Always anticipating going back to school after relaxing, sometimes exciting summers to face homework, classes and a few kids that didn’t like me. It seems like yesterday it was the middle of June and now bam! The end of August is here, which also means the end of summer. For many of you, you’re already back in school and are thinking ‘Meh, this blog doesn’t apply to me.’ Well, don’t stop reading yet, because there’s some pieces in this posting which you might find useful. After all, the school year has only just begun. For the rest of you, you’re getting set for the upcoming school year – buying new clothes, school supplies and likely burning holes in your parents’ pockets buying the latest gadgets. Some of you are actually looking forward to going back to school, while some are running away in fear from the constant back-to-school advertising that is constantly popping up everywhere. So what can you do to get over the fear of the upcoming year and make the most of it? Firstly, accept that it is coming and you can’t turn back time, unless you’re lucky enough to come across a genie in a lamp – Do tell me if you find one!

Going back to school represents so many opportunities, whether it be to make a fresh start, improve yourself (and your GPA!) or making new friends. The year is yours and you should do everything you can to make it a good one. For all you kids out there, here’s a few tips to help make the most of the school year.

  1. Try something new – For you freshmen, this will be easy. For the rest, try something new that you didn’t do the year before. Try joining the student council, joining a new club (or just joining one period) or audition for a school play. There’s something for everyone!
  2. Make new friends – try befriending the one of the new students. It can help expand your circle of friends, as well as helping someone new adjust to school life. Don’t let yourself be put off by the fact that this person is new (it’s natural to fear the unknown). Remember when you were new! Who knows? There will be other times in your life when you’re the new guy or girl. And certainly don’t let your current friends put you off meeting new people; don’t let them make you miss out on something great.
  3. Set goals – Try to set three goals that you want to accomplish over the school year. If that’s too much, try for at least one goal a semester. That could be improve your grades, overcome a difficult subject, or become the most popular kid in school (if you can do that in a semester, I’ll commend you). Moreover, set a goal you want to accomplish outside of school. Think about something you want to see change in your personal life – make that your goal. After all, improving yourself doesn’t have to be contained within the school walls!

And for you parents, I imagine you’re going through as much stress as your kids. There’s a few things you can do to help your kids adjust to the new school year:

  1. Preparation – help your kids adjust early by say having them go to bed and getting up early. You can do this the week before school starts. This will help to get them used to getting up early for school, since they’ve likely spent most of the summer sleeping in until noon.
  2. Set limits – This I’m referring to how much time they spend on all of their electronic wizardry (you know what I mean). There’s so much more distractions today than back in my day, I wonder how kids get their work done. This will help your kids stay focused on the constant homework and assignments that pop up.
  3. Reward – After the first week of school, reward your kids. Take them out to dinner, a movie, etc. The first week is often the toughest, and they need to let out a little steam.

I do hope this helps. I wish I’d thought of all this when I was in school. Make this year the best school year possible. Just get involved in school and remember your schoolwork is the most important. Always make that your number one priority!

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