Six Sunday – 8/26/12

Good morning, it’s #sixsunday where writers from all over share their snippets. Thanks to all of my loyal fans for commenting on my work. I really appreciate it and have enjoyed reading your stuff as well. Keep it up! This week we continue from my last posting where Cammy steals Ryan’s watch. Please note that I’m flying back from Cincinnati today and I won’t have access to a computer. Hope you understand and apologize in advance for not being able to comment on your work. So here it is:

Without any kind of resistance, he stared blankly, as watched her undo his watch.

“It’s for your own good,” she said, sliding the watch off and clutching it in her hand. Ryan reached over the table for it, but she swiftly pulled herself away.

“Give it back Cammy!”

“I’ll give it back when we leave, stud.”

“Give it back now!”

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7 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 8/26/12

  1. Jessica Subject

    Nice six! I wonder what her plans are for the watch.

  2. I like it, this could get good. I think you left out a “he” in the first sentence. (as “he” watched her undo his watch.)

  3. Good one. Different than most posts today.

  4. She obviously doesn’t understand that he has a schedule.

  5. Carrie Crain

    She wants his full attention. Um… I wonder why? Cute!

  6. Oh, boy. Love the interaction between these two!

    I apologize for not getting around to blogs sooner, but I’m currently computerless and quite literally on borrowed internet time, lol. You mentioned the cover for Last Call, which is my current SSS feature, and I don’t know if you’ll see my reply since the post was a couple weeks ago. My cover was designed by Elaina Lee, and you can check out her work and contact her through her site, forthemusedesign dot com. Thanks so much for your kind words!

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