Six Sunday – 9/2/12

Good morning, it’s #sixsunday where writers gather online to share samples of finished and unfinished writing. I’ve met a lot of talented writers on this site and enjoyed reading their works. Sorry I couldn’t comment on everyone, but Hurricane Isaac stranded me for a day. Anyways, we continue from last week where Cammy has taken Ryan’s watch and she won’t give it back. Your thoughts are always helpful and appreciated. One of my poems was recently published and will appear in a book in October called Harvest. I’m very excited as it’s a small step towards reaching the spotlight. So here’s my six. Have a great day!

She shook her head while Ryan sighed in frustration. Without a clock in sight and his cell sitting in his car, he really needed his watch, or he would lose track of time and risk being late for work. Ryan didn’t want to jeopardize his position at the bookstore, especially since his boss wasn’t exactly the easiest person to get along with.  With the watch securely buried in her hands, Cammy held her arms up against her face as if she expected him to lunge at her. He swiftly reached under the table and snatched one of her flip-flops off her foot, thinking that she would make a trade.

“Keep it,” she giggled and added, “Still not givin’ it back, so just chill.”

For more excerpts, visit Six Sunday.

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8 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 9/2/12

  1. LOL! She wants him somethin’ fierce! Congrats on the published poem, and thank goodness Isaac wasn’t too hard on you. ;c)

  2. Jessica Subject

    Congrats on the poem! Yes, she definitely wants something more. Nice six! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the poem!! That is good news.

    Cammy is naughty. 🙂 but she knows how to keep his attention

  4. Afraid I’d just tell her that without my watch I wouldn’t be able to tell when I had to be at work, so I’d just have to leave now.

  5. Carrie Crain

    Cammy is a rascal. Cute six!!

  6. I like Cammie. Wonder what she’s got up her sleeve! Poor Ryan. Or maybe not poor Ryan. 😉

    p.s. I read last week’s six but wasn’t able to leave a comment due to internet issues.

  7. …oops! Misspelled Cammy. Sorry.

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