Six Sunday – 9/9/12

Hello it’s #sixsunday ! For those new to Six Sunday, it’s simple – pick six sentences from any work of writing, post it to your blog/website and enjoy the fun. I noticed a lot of you were kind of depressed about summer coming to an end, but remember – Summer officially ends on September 21st! So you still have a couple of weeks to enjoy it! Anyways, this week we pick up right from last week. Here Cammy mentions something about her past, which Ryan can relate to.  For those reading my six for the first time, I’m using snippets from my first novel in progress. I hope to have it published within 2 years. So here it is and your comments are always appreciated.

“Ya know, I used to be like you,” she said, sipping her drink. “Always watchin’ the clock, involved like crazy in extra shit outside of school, tryin’ to please my dad, my sister…everybody.”

He gaped at her, clutching onto the edge of the table. Beguiled and somewhat annoyed, he couldn’t deny her comment for one moment since she was right. He always tried to please people, many of whom were never satisfied including his own father. All he could do was sit and stare at her simpering face and wonder how a girl so cute and disorganized could read him so well.

For more snippets, visit Six Sunday. I’ve met some great authors and enjoyed their snippets. Some of my favorites include Elin Gregory, Jess Schira, Carrie Crain, Angela Quarles and Sarah Ballance.

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14 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 9/9/12

  1. Jessica Subject

    So much revealed in this six. Well done! 🙂

  2. LOL, love witnessing that moment of truth moment in a character, well done! And thanks for the shout out!

  3. Breakthrough moment! Well done! The thing that really strikes me about this particular snippet is perfect your word selection is. The right words create a lovely snippet.

  4. Monica Enderle Pierce

    What I love about these six is that I can’t figure out if he likes or loathes her. And that makes them intriguing characters. 😀

  5. Carrie Crain

    Ahhhhh. That’s exactly what spilled from my mouth as I read this. He’s got some serious thinking to do about himself and her. Nice six, Frank!

  6. Looks like an awakening for him in his own life, and maybe he’s taking a new or second look at her? Nicely done!

  7. Is she going to get him in trouble with his father?

  8. Your phrasing is awesome. “Beguiled and somewhat annoyed” and “simpering face” ROCK! And I’m honored to have made your list. Thank you so much!

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