Three things to love about autumn

I’ve been reading and hearing about this through Twitter, my weekly writing forum, my friends, etc. Summer is over and most people seem to be glum, glum, glum. Sure, the kids are back to school; the temperatures are starting to go down; time to say bye-bye to barbeques, wearing sandals, you get the idea. However, don’t run and hide from the approaching autumn. After all, it’s not quite winter yet and you can still get out and enjoy the outdoors. All you have to do is to put up with the brisk winds and an extra layer or two.

Believe it or not, there are many things to look forward to about autumn. And before you let out a heavy sigh and/or roll your eyes, here’s a few things to look forward to about the amazing autumn:


  1. Fall Colors – for you photographers and hikers, this is one of the most awe-inspiring times of the year. Who can deny the shades of red, yellow and orange? For those Canadians out there, when you think of fall the maple leaf must surely come to mind! Taking photos of the color-changing leaves can make for a nice desktop background on your PC or Smartphone (they come in handy for those gloomy rainy days – you know what I mean). Plus, they make for nice Instagram pics too!
  2. Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports – This is when the NFL and soccer is back in full swing. And for you hockey fans, the NHL starts in October! Now isn’t it nice to be able to look forward to Saturday night/Sunday afternoon games with your group of best buds?
  3. Halloween – Your kids will be looking forward to this (assuming they’re into it).  And for the grown-ups, escorting your kids around the block as they fill their bags with goodies can bring back the good old days when it was you dressed up as a witch or ghost getting bags of candies. Bottom line, when your kids are happy you’re happy. That gleam in their eyes can help when you’ve been having a bad day. Unfortunately, I never got into Halloween as a kid, so make sure your kids do some trick-or-treating for me!


Now yes, I’ll admit raking leaves day after day is daunting and painful. So I’ll acknowledge it now, and hopefully you won’t call me a loony.  Fall is coming and we can’t make it disappear. So get out there and enjoy autumn while it’s here, and while the weather’s still decent enough to get out and about.


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