Six Sunday – 9/16/12

Hello it’s #sixsunday ! It’s simple – pick six sentences from any work of writing, post it to your blog/website and enjoy the fun. I hope you’re bracing yourselves for fall. If not, I’ll be posting a little article on my site about making the most of fall, so be sure follow my blog. We continue right from my previous six. Cammy starts it off by putting Ryan on the spot with some bizarre questions. You’ll get more of a sense about Cammy’s character. And yes, she does act like this and does say this kind of stuff! So here it is and thanks in advance for taking the time to read my six and for your comments.

“Lemmie ask ya somethin’, do your professors thank ya for bein’ on time?”

Ryan winced as if to say ‘Seriously?’

“Just answer me!” she barked.

“OK! No, they don’t.”

“Do ya get a bonus for bein’ on time for work?”

He simply shook his head, knowing that arguing with her would only make things worse.

For more snippets, visit Six Sunday.

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19 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 9/16/12

  1. I like her already, and I love this bewildered dynamic between these two. ;c)

  2. Jessica Subject

    LOL Yes, I know people like that. Great six! 🙂

  3. I like the dialouge. It provides such fantastic insight into her character. She’s not afraid to call things the way that she sees them. You’ve done a nice job of showing that Ryan’s starting to feel like he’s been run over by a steamroller. You’ve got a great thing going here, Frank, keep up the great writing!

    • Thanks so much for that. This being my first novel, I sometimes wonder if it has potential for all the readers out there.

  4. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Honestly, I kinda want to smack her. Which means you’ve captured her (annoying) personality very well!

  5. Lol She seems to beguile him and annoy him at the same time. Which of course, at least for me, makes it worth keeping her around. Nicely done, Frank!

  6. Great voice! You give the reader a good idea of Cammy’s personality through the dialog. Well done!

  7. Carrie Crain

    I’m kinda scared of Cammy. And, concerned for Ryan. Is this going to be a Fatal Attraction? I like dialogue and voice but she’s freaking me out!! Lol.

    • LOL, well I don’t want to give anything away since I haven’t finished the book. At times, Cammy freaks me out. Thanks for your comments.

  8. It’s great writing, but I’d walk out on her.

  9. I agree with the others, she’s ‘in his face’ but l love the exchange! Stand up for yourself man!

  10. siobhanmuir

    I’m surprised he’s put up with her this long. He must really like her. Intriguing six, Frank.

  11. The thing I like about Cammy is that what she says makes sense, but not in an everyday kind of way. There’s a big gulf between the way she thinks and Ryan’s more usual take on the world. This is good stuff, Frank. Keep ’em coming.

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