Six Sunday – 9/23/12

Good morning, it’s #sixsunday. Can you believe were almost at the end of September? Hope you’ve geared up for fall. Anyways, I’m glad so many of you mentioned similar things about Cammy. I know her (and Ryan) so well, and at times I can’t believe she’s in my story. Your words are very helpful and encouraging for me, so keep up the support. This week, we leave off where Ryan voices his opinions about the whole watch/being on time thing. Hope you like it, and there will be more next week. Have a good Sunday and a great week everybody!

“I like being early, I’ve always liked being early, this way I can organize myself before work or school. Besides, I was always told in high school that professors hate it if you’re late.”

“Whatcha been told is such bullshit. When ya look at your watch while we’re out together, it makes me think you’re not havin’ a good time…like you don’t wanna be with me. ”

“Not true, I do enjoy being with you,” Ryan said, patting her arm.  She gave him a look as if she didn’t believe him.

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14 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 9/23/12

  1. Jessica Subject

    Oh, I agree with both of their points. LOL Nice six! 🙂

  2. siobhanmuir

    This is a good scene to show their viewpoints, but the last sentence is “telling”rather than “showing”. Instead of saying “she gave him a look as if she didn’t believe him”, show us an action or movement that says the same thing. “She raised her eyebrow dubiously.” That says the same thing without telling us she doesn’t believe him. Good work, Frank. 🙂

  3. Carrie Crain

    Oh my gosh, Frank. My husband does this to me ALL THE TIME. It’s annoying and frustrating, especially like with your character when he reassures her otherwise. I can’t wait to see where this story goes!

  4. They both have good points, but she’s still doing her best to make him late for class.

  5. Love this scene. It shows their personalities. I can see both sides as I don’t like to be late but having someone checking their watch all the time would get annoying. I’m lucky. My fiancé doesn’t wear a watch. 🙂

  6. When I look at the clock, my wife says, “What time does LSU kick off?” LOL Nice work, very realistic.

  7. She’s got a point. Ryan’s not going to convince her that he likes being with her if she thinks his mind is somewhere else. Actually, he shouldn’t stress so much about being late. 😉 Great six, Frank. I like how this is progressing.

  8. I like the combination of free spirited and rule-abiding traits you’ve developed in this piece. The way you’ve written this snippet does a great job of providing each character with lots of insight into both characters. Great job!

  9. kimberlykcomeau

    Actions speak louder than words, so I understand why she doesn’t believe him. I love the realism inherent in the conversation.

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