Six Sunday – 11/11/12

Welcome to another week of Six Sunday. Hard to believe we’re almost halfway through November! This week, we continue from the last line of last week’s post. For those who don’t particularly like Cammy, I guess you feel it serves her right. For those of you who missed the last posting, click on Six Sunday 11/4/12.

One note: I’ve been getting comments wondering where my story is going. One thing I want to say now is there is more to my novel than what I have been sharing on Six Sunday. There are many subplots to the story that requires one to read the whole book.  In other words, there’s more to Ryan than just Cammy. Unfortunately since my book is not finished, I cannot share anything crucial from my story, for fear that someone may take the idea. I hope this helps and that you continue to read my sixes. So here’s the six:

“Kay stud! Oww! Need my slippers now!”

Watching her endure a hot foot, Ryan folded his arms across his chest and laughed. It was sweet revenge for her selfish attitude and he wouldn’t even sympathize her repeated cries. Desperate for him to drop her flip-flops, she stared at him with a darting gaze as she continued to ‘dance’. With a smirk of his own, he held up her shoes.

 “Gimmie the watch first.”

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25 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 11/11/12

  1. Jessica Subject

    Well, that should work to get his watch back. LOL

  2. Give him the watch and learn your lesson miss! Love the interchange between these two!

  3. I be willing to bet he’ll get his watch back, but I suspect he might get more than he bargins for as well. Great six, Frank 🙂

    • The scene drags on a little more, but she eventually gives it back. Typical Cammy, has to learn the hard way. Thanks for your comment.

  4. They are both as stubborn as you know what, and that makes for a seriously entertaining read! (BTW, the blog looks great!)

    • Thanks Sarah, I think its always nice to have some humor bits in a story. Glad you like my blog, the picture is the theme of what I write; thought I should include that in my blog.

  5. Ha! I wonder which one will give in first. I’m guessing Cammy. Love the repartee. I like Cammy by the way. She’s definitely not boring. Intriguing that there’s more to Ryan than you’re able to reveal here. I’ll have to watch for your book.

    Thanks for your concern about Sandy. We lost power for 5 days, but things could have been a lot worse so I’m thankful.

    • Thanks Ryan, Cammy gives in, but I’ll show that in the next six. I hope to have the book finished by next summer, I will be posting some bits about my book on my blog.

  6. Now that’s bargaining power….

  7. Good for you Ryan. Nice bit of character development.

  8. Serves her right! But why doesn’t she just get back into the shade?

  9. Monica Enderle Pierce

    These two are oil and water, aren’t they?

  10. Ha! This exchange is great. I wonder if she gives him the watch.

  11. He’s a tough cookie. Sounds much deserved.

  12. siobhanmuir

    Glad Ryan has enough of a backbone to get what he wants. Nicely done, Frank. 🙂

  13. Carrie Crain

    I’m cheering for Ryan! Sounds like a perfect trade. Nice snippet!

  14. 🙂 Fun six! I like their friendship.

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