Six Sunday – 12/2/12

Welcome to another week of Six Sunday. Hard to believe we’re in the last month of 2012. I hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit. We pick up from last week, where Ryan has gotten some hostility from Cammy’s coworker. He won’t tell him where she is, so Ryan stands his ground warning him not to mess with him. So hope you like it. On a personal note, a new book which features one of my poems was just released this past week. The book is entitled Harvest and you can click on its link for details. It’s a small step, but I’m happy to have my poem published. Anyways, have a good day!

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“Go ‘head, little boy, make yer move,” the young lad said as he clenched his fists. Ryan took his fist back when a voice interrupted him.

“Boys, boys,” Cammy said as she walked in from an adjoining room. They turned to her, watching her come within arm’s reach of them.

“Duffy, Lance just had the carpet shampooed, doubt he’d be too happy if he saw blood splattered all over it.”

“This stiff here says he knows ya,” the man said as Ryan glared at him.



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22 thoughts on “Six Sunday – 12/2/12

  1. I like this. Thanks for sharing. And I love your blog. Now following.

  2. I am enjoying these snippets and the attitude of your characters!

  3. Good thing she showed up when she did! I’m trying to follow blogs I regularly visit on SSS, but I can’t find a follow button on yours.

    • Oh, well there’s usually a button on the sidebar of my blog. If you’re on twitter, you can follow me because my posts go to my twitter feeds.

  4. Ah, the smell of testosterone in the air! Love the snippets and I’m enjoying the chance to get to know these characters. Congrats on the poem being published, Frank! May it be the first of many releases for you.

    • Thanks, I’m glad to see that it’s evident that my writing is improving. And yes, this is first of many more to come.

  5. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Congrats on the poem publication, Frank! That must feel great. 😀

    I like the tension in these six, but was a confused when you referred to Duffy as a lad, then as a man. You might want to take a look at that for consistency. Right now I’m unsure if Duffy’s young or old. 🙂

    • Well, he’s supposed be in his early twenties, I guess i wrote that wrong. Any suggestions to portray his age better? I struggle to find these little descriptive words sometimes.

      • Monica Enderle Pierce

        Well, instead of “lad,” I’d go with “man” in that first mention, and then use “Duffy” or “Cammy’s co-worker” where you currently use “man.” I hope that makes sense. 🙂

  6. Great dialogue Frank! Enjoyed it!

  7. Nice tension in your six! Congrats on your poem being published!

  8. Jessica Subject

    I can picture this scene so well. Great six! 🙂

  9. This made me chuckle. You’ve done an excellent job creating a cast of interesting and varied characters, something that’s not easy to accomplish. Well done. Congrats on your poem, it’s an important first step!

    • I didn’t realize that it’s not easy to create different characters. I play their voices in my head over and over, so I want them to stand out. There are other interesting characters in my story which I haven’t shared in my sixes, though.

  10. Glad Cammy defused the situation. I was worried she might enjoy seeing them fight over her. Lol Nice character set up. Congrats on the poem! And thanks for the bday wishes!

  11. Ah youth! All that testosterone fuelled energy. Love it.

  12. Love the humor here! And CONGRATS on having your poem published!

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