Wonderful Winter

You’re probably flagging this post, or at the least bulging your eyes or turning up your noses. OK, maybe I’m a little crazy and no I haven’t been smoking anything, but winter is perhaps my favorite season of the year. I don’t know why, but I love the white stuff. I always look forward to a heavy snowfall, especially if I don’t have to go anywhere the next day. And let’s not forget about the Christmas season – with all the many hues of green and red, parties and lots of eggnog. But yes, I’ll admit I hate having to drive in it or shoveling it, but c’est la vie! Anyways, what I love about it so much is because I can get out and ski and snowshoe. Since I live in Canada, winter is a part of my life most of the year. Also, it’s what makes Canada stand out so much. Up here, most of us hibernate in our homes or head down to sunny destinations during the winter, while the rest choose to make the most of winter. I hope you will be among ‘the rest’ this winter. So for those of you in Canada and the northern states, I’d like to share a few tips on how to make the most of the winter.

1. Accept winter – it’s here, so get used to it. Unless, you’re a magician it’s not going away anytime soon. So don’t fear it, embrace it.

2. Get outdoors – snowshoeing, skiing, skating, possibilities are almost endless. And if you have children, there’s tobogganing, tubing and making snowmen (likely to bring up some happy childhood memories). Of course, you don’t have to do snow sports; just take a winter stroll around your town, anything to get you out of the house. Sure, you’ll have to endure the cold and put on a few layers, but it’s not going to kill you.

3. Share it with friends – find something wintery that you and your friends can do. The more the merrier. Talk to them, see what they’d like to do. Maybe they know something about snowshoeing, or skiing that you don’t?

So, make the most out of winter. After all, for many of us it’s around most of the year. So this winter, forgo that trip down to the Bahamas or Mexico. Think about the money you could save for something special when the summer comes back again. Whatever you do, try to make the winter your new friend. You’ll feel better if you do, trust me. Happy holidays!

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