Not So Traditional Christmas

I imagine that many of you are spending Christmas with your families – sitting by the fire, watching the snowflakes tumbling, exchanging presents, you get the idea. I do hope you savor the moment and are grateful to have these people in your lives. May God bless you all. For me, I’m spending my Christmas a little differently. Being divorced and without children, I have a little more flexibility so I’m spending the holidays in Florida, by the beach. Sure, it’s not the same without the white stuff, but I’m sure Santa can find his way down here on a surfboard. But a lot has happened this year and I need some time to be alone with my thoughts.

In addition to my job teaching English, I’ve been working really hard on my novel as well as improving my writing skills. I’ve faced many challenges and successfully come out on top. I’ve also had to make some tough decisions – one which I still regret presently. It was one of those fork-in-the-road choices, and I always think ‘Should I have gone the other way?’ Do you ever have regrets like this? How do you deal with them? I’ve done my best to just move on and say it was the best thing for me, but still look back at times. Being at place, which I’ve loved since childhood, gives me a chance to reflect on all that I’ve accomplished this year and what I can do to improve myself in the new year. I think it will be nice to just stroll the beach on Christmas day with some friends, while barbecuing some steaks at sunset – something I really love doing here. Of course I will be in the company of family, so don’t think I’m shutting myself from the outside world completely (LOL).

I also want to send a special thank you to all those who have been following my blog this year. Your support has done more than words can describe, so thanks a million! I hope you spread the word to your friends and that I can have my book finished next year, so that you can delight in all that brings. Merry Christmas to all of you! Wishing you peace and happiness this holiday season!

Frank Fisher
“Don’t just think it, write it!”



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