One Year of WordPress

I’ve been on the world of WordPress for year – hard to believe actually. I started my blog originally to get myself known in the writing world; my mentors in my writing group suggested this, as it is important for people to know who you are before your book comes out. My life has changed from the first day I created my blog. I’ve met some wonderful people in the WordPress community. I don’t think my life would be quite the same with out the blogging, and it’s funny because at one point I never thought I’d even consider it.

For the past fourteen months, I’ve been working on a novel, as well as a several short stories and a poetry collection. For the moment, I choose to work on the novel only since it is the one project I want to finish first. I know many people who are working on multiple projects, and I commend them. For me, I want to finish one thing first and not start too many things and never finish them. For those on my writing memes, you’ve seen many of my novel’s snippets and your feedback has made all the difference. I hope to have this finished by September, but it may take longer. Being an ESL teacher and having other commitments limits my time for writing, but nevertheless I will finish the novel. I have to say that I’m jealous of other writers’ websites that actually have published books. At times I feel out-of-place, since I only have one published poem. Then again, I do agree with my mentors because when the book is finished, people will already know who you are, making it a little easier to promote the book. I’m thankful that WordPress has allowed me break into the writing/blogging world, as well for my loyal followers. In addition to blogging about writing and my novel, I blog about things which can help others – that’s what I like to do. I intend to start a weekly blog soon dedicated to giving helpful advice, using my own personal experience as examples.

I have many goals this year as a writer. For instance, I seek to become a better writer through workshops as well as reading novels in my genre. Additionally, I will attend the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta this summer. It will be my first writing conference, and I hope this will get my foot in the door with the ‘big boys’. Even though I feel like a little fish in the big pond of published writers, I am determined to make my dreams a reality. That is the key – determination. To keep going, especially when times get rough. So thank you again WordPress for this great opportunity. And thank you to all my followers! You make blogging/writing all worthwhile.

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3 thoughts on “One Year of WordPress

  1. thevixenfiction

    Hi Frank.. I notice you are a .net person and I am right now looking at buying a domain name.. May I ask who you went with or did you do it via WordPress.. Writing comes naturally to me but I’m blowed if I can grasp the techie side of stuff…

    Your blog looks ace… Is it a freebie or do you pay?

    Sorry for all the questions…xxx

    • I looked up the domain name to see if it was taken through I had to pay but it was worth it in the end. If you want a .net URL you’ll have to pay. Hope this helps

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