Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/17/13

Hello and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from an authentic Irishman! This week, I’m sharing another 8 from my novel. In this snippet, Ryan grows more furious as Cammy seems to not care about standing him up. As he continues to ask questions, she makes an excuse to leave.

“Sorry, stud…gotta go, I wanna take a nap upstairs before class…later, waiter.”

Picking up her bag, she patted his cheek and sauntered towards the elevator. Walking inside and pressing a button, she wiggled her fingers at him as the steel doors closed in front of her. Ryan stared up at the rotunda, rubbing his eyelid. ‘A nap before class? Who the hell are you and what’ve you done with Cammy?’ He wanted to follow her, but couldn’t since it would likely waste precious minutes.

“She isn’t worth it, Ryan,” a girl’s voice called from behind him.

Click on the link for the complete list of participating authors. I apologize to those for not commenting on your snippets last week, especially those who had commented on mine. Have a good day, and remember to enjoy St. Paddy’s Day responsibly!

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24 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/17/13

  1. I’m excited about this new character, hopefully she’ll tempt him away from Cammy.

  2. The conversation is just so true to life in this story, and so frustrating of course, when it comes to Cammy! Well done snippet, can;t wait to see what happens next.

    • You’ll see who she is next week…in the book I have a scene where she spills the truth about Cammy.

  3. Carrie Crain

    Ooh… another woman’s voice. I’m intrigued.

  4. Oh, a jealous rival?

  5. She’s taking a class?

  6. siobhanmuir

    Ooooh, enter in the “other girl”. Nicely done, Frank. Cammy may lose what she thought she had.

  7. I often took naps when I was in college.
    But, who was that at the end?
    Great hook!

  8. If that’s how Cammy’s going to act then I saw bring on the rival! And a happy St. Paddy’s to you, Frank! I’m part Irish myself and I’ll certainly be responsible in my celebrating.

  9. Cammy is really trying to push Ryan away, isn’t she? I wouldn’t blame him if he did walk away at all. It will be fun finding out who the new character is.

    • Glad you like the new character…actually her resentment towards Cammy is introduced in an earlier chapter, but I’m holding back the truth about her so the reader will want to keep on reading.

  10. An intriguing snippet and nice ending to hook the reader. Can’t say much about Cammy (since this is the first snippet of yours I’ve read) but with what is shown in this scene – look forward to meeting the owner of the voice over his shoulder. Nicely done.

    • Well I’m glad you stopped by my site to comment, and hope you’ll come back again. Cammy comes off as unlikeable in the beginning of the story, but in the ends turns out to be special.

  11. I’m hoping the new girl appreciates Ryan more than Cammy apparently does. 😉 Great snippet, Frank!

  12. Yay for distraction! And she may be stating the what-appears-to-be-obvious, but I bet he needs a dose of that right now. ;c)

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