Weekend Writing Warriors – 4/7/13

wewriwa_buttonIt’s Weekend Writing Warriors time! Thank you all for spending part of your Sunday to visit my site. This week, I continue to share another 8 from my short story entitled ‘Just Look Up’. Sunny has just told the young battered woman that she ‘doesn’t’ have any spare change to give, so now we see her reaction; she’s the first to speak:

“That watch looks like it cost more than what my sister makes a month,” she implied, glancing at the silver Rolex on my wrist, a sweet sixteen gift from my aunt. “You’re lyin’,” she added. “You prissy rich blondes are all the same.”
 I hunched my shoulders, furrowing my brows. How could some chick with messy hair and a beaten up face make such a pretentious assumption? “Who you callin’ a prissy blonde?” I bellowed. “You don’t even know me, so like go beg off somebody else!”


Comments are most welcome and appreciated. I’ll be taking a workshop next weekend, so I’ll miss next Sunday’s posting. Visit the link to Weekend Writing Warriors for the official list of participating writers, and be sure visit a few of their sites for more interesting snippets.

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20 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 4/7/13

  1. Ooh loads of attitude as always Frank! Nice snippet!

  2. I could feel the tension in the scene. That’s one bitchin’ cat-fight you’ve got brewing there 😉

  3. Liked the prissy blond comment!

  4. Better just to not engage with this person, I think, but at least the heroine is strong! Will be interesting to see what happens next. Great 8!

  5. Great dialogue exchange, very natural and believable.

  6. I’m wondering if the battered woman will turn out to be someone the narrator knows.

    • Actually she is someone the narrator knows, but I can’t say exactly who since it hasn’t been published yet.

  7. jessschira

    Based on this snippet, I get the feeling that there might be more to the begger than what meets the eye. Interesting snippet, Frank.

  8. Nice mystery here.

  9. There’s usually a reason every character makes an appearance. It will be interesting to see when & how the beggar shows up again.
    Nice 8!

  10. siobhanmuir

    Looks like they’ve both made assumptions based on appearances. Good snippet, Frank. 🙂

  11. I like the feistiness of the exchange; it’s very believable.

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