Weekend Writing Warriors – 4/28/13


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Thank you all for spending part of your Sunday to visit my site. I was busy the last couple of weeks, hence my lack of presence on WWW. Next month is going to be even more busy for me, so I will have to miss a few more Sundays. I’ll keep you update when this happens. I’m sharing one more snippet from my short story; anymore and I’ll be giving the plot away. Next week, I’ll be going back to sharing snippets from my novel. In this eight, Sunny is bringing the battered girl to her house, and as they’re driving the girl warns Sunny a looming threat. Sunny speaks first:

“This is gonna sound weird, but you look kinda familiar.”

“Funny I was thinkin’ the same thing,” she admitted. “You shouldn’t be drivin’ me, he’ll find us.”

I glanced at her with a lowered brow and asked, “Who’s he?”

“My boyfriend…he’s lost it this time, if he finds me he’ll kill me…and maybe you too.”

I nearly gasped as I glanced at her bruises, realizing who had inflicted them on her. She looked at me with a serious expression, and then lowered her chin. I grabbed my shirt, clenching the gold cross on my necklace behind it.

Comments are most welcome and appreciated. I’ll do my best to read and comment on your eights. Click on the link for the official list of participating writers.

On a final note, I’m looking to host some bloggers on my site. I would like to host bloggers on Thursdays or Fridays, and I am especially interested in those who can offer advice on writing. If you’re interested, click on the ‘Contact’ button on my site.

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 4/28/13

  1. Tense and emotive snippet. Hopefully he’ll stand up to the bully.

  2. Great snippet to grab the readers’ interest. I want to know how she realizes who beat the girl up.

  3. Definitely an interesting #8Sentence. Raises many questions and worries in the reader’s mind about the future well-being of Sunny and the battered girl. Nicely done.

  4. Dramatic! Has my curiosity level high, can’t wait to read more, great snippet!

    • Well this is the last I’m sharing from this story, but you’ll read more when (I’m hoping!) it’s published.

  5. Nothing bothers me more than abuse like this. You sure got an emotional reaction from me. Nice excerpt.

  6. That boyfriend sound like a loser. As in lose him, but that’s not always easy. Why do men consider women their property?

  7. siobhanmuir

    Definitely a good time to say your prayers. Intense snippet, Frank. 🙂

  8. Great 8. Raises lots of questions.

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