Ryan lectures Cammy…Will she listen?


It’s Weekend Writing Warriors, the place where writers share eight sentences from their stories. The last three weeks were busy for me, hence my lack of presence. This summer’s going to be busy so I’ll be missing more Sundays – I’ll let you know when that happens. For my first week back, I’m sharing an 8 from my novel in progress. It comes from my last 8 where Cammy wants to know why Ryan’s in such a mood. Ryan let’s her know why and he’s the first to speak:

“I don’t hear word one from you at all! No call, no text, nothin’!”

“What was I supposed to say, ‘Yo Ryan, can’t make it, I’m like totally shit-faced?’”

“Honestly, that woulda been a lot better.”

She rolled her eyes, blowing away a lock of hair hanging over her vision. “Stud get real, you can’t-”

“I had no idea what happened to you!” Ryan blurted. “You didn’t see the look on my brother’s face not to mention mine, he thought you ditched me, and I was tryin’ to stand up for you!”

Next week I’ll show you how Cammy reacts to this. Your comments are always helpful and don’t forget to click on the link to see the official list of participating authors. Happy Sunday everyone! And happy Father’s Day to all the proud papas out there!

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8 thoughts on “Ryan lectures Cammy…Will she listen?

  1. I always love the dialogue in these snippets. Poor Ryan, it doesn’t seem like he can make Cammy see his point of view at all. I hope she starts listening to him.

  2. This girl sounds like she has issues.

  3. They are so not on the same page about this! Will be interesting to see how it all ends up…excellent excerpt, very true to life conversation.

  4. Well, at least she spared him a drunk text, I suppose. Nice tension!

  5. I have the feeling that Ryan won’t get his point across.

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