Cammy meets Miguel (Weekend Writing Warriors)


It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time. This week, I’m sharing an 8 from another chapter in my novel. In this snippet, Ryan’s brother, Miguel, shows up and meets Cammy. Some of you may remember, Cammy stood Ryan and Miguel up for a dinner meeting and Miguel is holding that grudge against her. This 8 begins after Ryan introduces Cammy to Miguel:

“’Sup?” she greeted him, repositioning herself in her chair to face him.

’Sup?!?” Miguel folded his arms, lowering a brow and studied her. “Do I look like one of your BFFs, kid?”

She shrugged half-heartedly. 

“Don’t try that shit with me, kid! Say, you were supposed to meet us all for dinner a couple of weeks ago and you never showed up. My girlfriend and I didn’t appreciate comin’ down here for nothin’.”

“Got wasted with some friends,” she said casually.


As we can see, Miguel is blunt yet Cammy remains calm. Next time, we’ll see more of this scene. Thanks for your comments. Happy Canada Day to all of the Canadian participants. For the official list of participating authors, click on the Weekend Writing Warriors link above. See you next time! #8Sunday

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14 thoughts on “Cammy meets Miguel (Weekend Writing Warriors)

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your knack for creating sharp, organic dialogue. Great snippet, Frank.

    • That’s what everyone on and offline says. It makes me believe that this novel has a shot at the publishing world. And thanks for that Jess, you’ve always been supportive.

  2. Cammy’s got a real attitude problem hasn’t she? Lol, typical teen!

  3. I think she’s her own worst enemy, but the dialog definitely rings true. Another excellent excerpt from this story!

    • It shows the way she reacts to other characters in the story. I think the readers will be hooked.

  4. Monica Enderle Pierce

    That girl’s got some cajones (and something dark pulling her down, I bet). I love her sharp edge; she makes me uncomfortable every time, and that’s a good thing.

  5. She is just determined that no one sees her caring, isn’t she? Makes me wonder about her past. And she’s definitely trying Miguel’s patience…

  6. burnsmillie

    I like it. Cammy sounds like a girl with some ‘tude. Only thing I would do is take out the second kid. “Don’t try that shit with me!” and I might strip out the Say, because it makes it sound like it’s an afterthought to me, and I’m pretty sure he was planning on telling her off…that’s just my personal humble little opinion : ) Thanks for sharing!

    • I could, except that’s the way Miguel talks and it would change the dialogue exchange. Thanks for the suggestion, though

  7. Susan Deborah Schiller

    I’m new to your snippets, Frank, and I like Cammy’s cool, detached attitude in this scene and I hope to read more of who she is and what she does in future snippets!

  8. wow my! This Cammy is really something.

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