6 Ways to Make Time

You’ve probably said this over and over: “I don’t have time for this!” There are times where we do not have the time to do a task, because we already have our hands full with other projects. But then there are times, we need to make time to get a job done. We can’t make the excuse that we simply don’t have time to do it, so we have to find the time to get it done.

I teach English at an academy, in addition I am one of the academic directors at the school. As a teacher, I teach my classes, prepare my lessons, and carry out weekly/monthly administration duties. As a director, I test new students so I can determine their level; I put together and conduct workshops for the other teachers; I travel to attend conferences. On top of all that, I’m trying to finish my first novel, which I do in my spare time. It is impossible for me to do this at school, even during my lunch break (I only get thirty minutes before I teach my afternoon classes). So I have to make time. I want to get my novel finished before the start of 2014, and I’ll do whatever I have to get it done. Just like money, time has to be earned. You must make up time to accomplish an important job, even if that means sacrificing your spare time.

How do you make time? Here are six ways of doing so.

  1. Wake up an hour earlier during the week, and use that time to get something done.
  2. If possible, sacrifice your lunch hour. Instead of eating out, bring your lunch to work and use that time to finish a task while you eat.
  3. Dedicate an hour in the evening to something that HAS to be finished immediately.
  4. Forgo some of your usual after work/after school activities: going to the gym, hanging out with friends, etc. That time you spend on those things could be used for that very important project you normally “don’t have time for”.
  5. When the tasks pile up, be prepared to say “NO” to those plans, which CAN WAIT. Your friend, significant other will understand if you have something else which needs to be done. Just as long as you explain it to them ahead of time.
  6. On weekends, choose a day which you will dedicate to working on a project, which is difficult to commit to during the week. If you have to work on weekends, then choose a day during the week instead.


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