Crush to Ryan: Let me tell you something about women, dude!

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday . Glad you’ve stopped by to visit my site. Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions last week. Much appreciated!

I’m continuing to share an eight from my novel, Let Go. In this eight, Ryan and Crush are debating whether Cammy really has feelings for him. Ryan is in denial, so Crush decides to bring him away from Cammy and her roommate , who are chatting by a bonfire at the beach. He gives his personal insight on women.

On with the eight:

Crush led Ryan away from the flashes of orange and yellow flames into the darkness. The creamy moonlight snaking on the ocean surface in front of them, as he put an arm around Ryan.

“Women are like oceans, dude – angry and brutal one minute, calm and happy the next. They tell ya when it’s right to go in for a dip and when to stay away. Ladies’ll tell ya when they’re happy and fumin’. When ya go in for that dip, oceans soothe ya and make ya feel alive, that’s when ya know ya can, like, trust her. You, like, just get and let her work her magic on your body, dude!”

 With his arm still wrapped around him, Ryan listened without moving a muscle, as if he were part of a congregation listening to their revered minister preach the good word.

Love to know what you think. Click on the link for the complete list of participating authors. I will be away next week as I am attending a work-related conference in Italy. See you all when I get back!







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27 thoughts on “Crush to Ryan: Let me tell you something about women, dude!

  1. I wonder what’s Crush’s experience, because Ryan seems so clueless.

  2. I suppose in a way he is! Love the language you’ve used here!

  3. You’ve painted a good scene of young angst. Consider a semi-colon between the first two sentence about the moonlight. Super descriptions.

  4. Interesting conversation, Crush had so much wisdom to share! Great snippet, loved the dialog.

  5. This is great–especially like the congregation waiting to hear what the preacher says.

  6. Interesting philosophy! Let’s see if Ryan can translate this wisdom from Crushese into practicality. 😀

  7. siobhanmuir

    Crush has some valid points. I htink you have a typo in “You, like, just get and let her work her magic..” Did you miss the word “in”? Great snippet today, Frank. 🙂

  8. listening to guy speak is always amusing. you captured that well here. his comparison of women to oceans is great. LOL. how old are they? trying to pinpoint in my head.

    welcome back Frank:)

  9. A man giving a man advice on women. So cute! *pats Crush on his head.* Good luck, Ryan!

  10. You had me at the post title! This is great. In his way, Crush is quite wise.

    Hope you enjoy the conference, and get a chance to see some sights as well!

    • Thanks, I thought this was y best post title ever. Someone told me to make my snippet titles stand out. I hope this conference goes well, I plan to attend a soccer match while I’m there.

  11. elainecsc2013

    Crush is funny. He speaks with such authority, yet he isn’t very old, right?

  12. Here I thought women were like oceans because they rarely give up their dead. Comments from the dark side.

  13. But does Crush have any experience with someone like Camy?

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