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Well originally I was going to put up a post offering advice about how to make a memorable Valentine’s Day. Then I remembered one thing: I kind of did that last year. Then I remembered that I haven’t put out a blog related to writing in a while. So while I was skiing last week, the idea of using Valentine’s Day as a writing theme would grab readers’ attention. So why not blog about it on Valentine’s Day.

As writers, we work hard to create themes for our stories. They are the things that a reader can take away once they’ve reached, ‘The End’. They the things that our characters deal with or struggle with; maybe both. Valentine’s Day can be included in your story because your readers will instantly relate to it no matter what time of year it is. Valentine’s Day the romance world’s birthday and whether readers love it or loath it they’ll be drawn into a story that has it as a central theme or setting. Here’s a couple of ways you can make Valentine’s Day part of your story:

1. Setting/Theme – Have your story set on Valentine’s Day. This is particularly good if it’s a short story since Valentine’s Day happens only on one day. But don’t necessarily have your characters meet and fall in love. Twist it a little. Have something catastrophic or apocalyptic happen on Valentine’s Day. The readers won’t be expecting that, and they’ll love it because it’s something different. Here’s another idea: have your story end on Valentine’s Day. What better way to end it than on a special day. Be creative with it and don’t make it too predictable. Try and make Valentine’s Day the central theme of your story and build your characters and their world around it.

2. Characters – Make Valentine’s Day significant with your characters. It could be the day someone special died and now your characters dread V.D. every time it rolls around. Your character must overcome this and the readers may want to know how they get through this. Again, it’s something new and different. Perhaps, you’d like to make V.D. a positive milestone for your characters. Either way, make it special for the characters and have it stick with them from beginning to end.


So I hope this gives you some inspiration. Happy writing and happy Valentine’s Day!

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3 thoughts on “Using Valentine’s Day In Your Story

  1. What great ideas, Frank! My short story collection, “Three Strikes–You’re in Love” features a Valentine’s Day-themed short story called “My Short, Dark & Funny Valentine.” The hero and heroine meet when the heroine’s cat gets injured and she falls for the vet. Both she and the vet hate Valentine’s Day for various reasons. Here’s the link:

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