Writing in the Summertime

Summer is practically here. Those lazy, hazy days when you want to be outdoors as much as possible. For many of us, summer is brief and the cold, long winter will be back before we know it. This is the time for that hard-earned vacation at the beach, cottage, whatever. But for us writers, we can’t take much of a vacation. Sure when it’s so nice out, the last place we want to be is cooped up in front of computer screen. I’m forced to be inside since it’s in the 100’s where I am at the moment. In order to get published, we need to write a little each day, rain or shine. This is even more critical for those that have to meet deadlines.

How can you write while still enjoying the warmth and beauty of summer? Here are few tips:

  • write outside – on your patio, balcony, a picnic table outside your workplace. Enjoying all of the sights and sounds of summer can actually get your creative juices going. You can even take your writing with you on vacation.
  • write for an hour in the early morning or late at night. This way you can still enjoy the outdoors during the day.
  • set yourself a minimum limit of words that you will write each day/week and stick to it. It is much easier to consistently write when you set realistic goals.
  • use the summer as a time to develop your characters and settings. They are less time-consuming and do not require as much work as a manuscript.


So don’t put your pad and paper away for the summer. Write a little bit each day, or a little bit each week. Any writing you do is better than putting it off until September.

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