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Kentucky – my new home. Ever since I first visited this state many years ago, I thought it was a special place. The rolling hills and the people who seem to exhibit southern hospitality. Even though it is officially in the Midwest, I like to consider it the ‘South’; Kentucky shows more southern traits, in my opinion. I’m happy after all these years that I’m finally living in the Bluegrass State.

When you look at Kentucky on a map, it looks like a chicken leg. You would have to look hard to see the resemblance. Most people know it from the Kentucky Derby, bourbon and of course Kentucky Fried Chicken (that’s how I first heard of Kentucky). For me, the state is one that people seem to pass through rather than visit. This is due partly to the face that one of the busiest interstates passes through here: Interstate 75. I-75 goes north to south through Kentucky, from Ohio to Tennessee. I have a lot of friends back home that drive to Florida in the winter, so they always drive through Kentucky. They ask me, “You’re living there? Why? There’s not much there.” My response is, “Well that’s cuz you just drive through it; you have to spend some time here in order to get to know it.” They always arch their brows at me, but oh well. The most beautiful scenery, in my opinion, is the horse farms near Lexington as horses are synonymous with this state. Seeing this reminds me of the peace and tranquility that Kentucky offers. I guess that’s what I like the most about Kentucky. That and the beauty of the many hills and forests.

Another neat thing about this state is that it is not as populated as other states. It seems to be less popular in comparison to the other forty-nine states. I suppose I feel honored living in a ‘lesser known state’. My friends in the area tell me I’m not in the real Kentucky because I’m living in an area that is part of the Greater Cincinnati area. They believe that it is more Cincinnati than Kentucky. While that may be true, Cincinnati is in Ohio; Kentucky is a different state. But that’s another thing that has me in a state of euphoria. I live in one state and go to school in another. I can’t say I’ll stay here for the rest of my life as I can’t seem to stay in one place of too long. Whether it is a couple of years or six years, I hope that I can one day say, “I am Kentuckian.”





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3 thoughts on “My Old Kentucky Home

  1. Congratulations on your move, Frank! I am laid off right now, but hope to soon go back to my job in Northern Kentucky. My mom grew up in Newport and considers herself a Kentuckian.

  2. Good for you. Frank! Sounds like you are really “home”. 🙂

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