What’s in Store for 2015

It’s the dawn of the New Year, which means we are making sure we follow up on those New Year Resolutions we made last night as we sipped that glass of champagne (or something else!) I have a lot to look forward to, both personally and as a writer. I’m glad I am in my current position. A year ago today I had no idea where I would be, given the possibilities open to me at the time. So here’s what I’m looking to accomplish personally in 2015.

It is expected that I will earn my Master’s degree in Education come this December. It will be my second college degree earned at an American university, and I’m pretty excited about this accomplishment. After this, I hope to begin teaching part-time as a college professor at the institution where I am currently studying. Secondly, I intend to see more of America. I already have planned two trips this year: one to St. Louis, and another to both New Mexico and Arizona. I’m quite fascinated with the American Southwest, and I’m thinking of actually moving to Arizona at some point in the future. I love to travel, and the more I do it, the more I grow as a person.

As for writing, I hope to have the first draft finally finished of my novel, Let Go. I’ve been working on this for three years, but sadly it will be another three before it is out on bookshelves. There was a lot going on for me last year that forced me to slow down my progress with this book. Additionally, I’ve discovered many errors in the story that need to be fixed. This will come in the editing stage. Many people have been eagerly awaiting the release of Let Go, but sadly the waiting will have to continue. I want to do the best job possible on this. I’ll finish it if it kills me.

I also intend to have the second draft of my novella, The Burning Night, completed this year. As good as this story is, it has interfered in the completion of Let Go. I came up with the idea, just before attending the RWA conference in Atlanta in 2013; it was a story that was begging for me to get out on paper. Many of my writing friends love the snippets I’ve shared with them, which encourage me to get it published.

As I continue to work on these stories, I am also plotting two more stories: a YA romance short story, and a NA romance novel. For now, I am just outlining the characters and plot for both stories. I might start on one sometime this year.

As always, I will keep improving my writing skills through my writing groups, as well as reading books. I find that by reading novels I improve more than by taking writing workshops.

I thank you all for your wonderful support, and hope you will continue to follow me as I journey towards having my first novel released.

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