Seven Facts About Me

My good friend Rachel Barnard, author of Axtaxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams, asked me to list seven facts about me as a writer. She did the same over Facebook, and I was quite honored that she asked me to do such a thing. Normally, I don’t like writing about myself, but I think this would give my followers an insight about me.

So here are seven random facts about me:

  1. I started writing my first story when I was thirteen, which I gave up after the eighth page.
  2. I prefer to do my writing in public places, such as coffee shops and libraries.
  3. My poem, Blue Rain, was published in an anthology after I submitted it to a poetry contest; it didn’t win, however.
  4. I have two passports.
  5. My parents hail from the British Isles.
  6. I write mainly Young Adult fiction
  7. My current novella was inspired by an old TV series episode.

Thank you Rachel for asking me to states some facts about me.

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4 thoughts on “Seven Facts About Me

  1. You write in public places? You must have amazing concentration to be able to block out distractions! Thanks for sharing, Frank–it’s nice to learn more about a fellow writer!

    • Thanks. I do have good concentration at times. Sorry I haven’t been on Weekend Writing Warriors lately.

  2. We both began stories that were scrapped at an early age! Did that idea live on in a novel you’re working on now? Mine kind of did with The Day the Computer Stood Still nano of 2013

    • It did! I feel that I’m making it more realistic in my story, though. So many people I’ve talked to about my book say it really works!

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