6 Tips for Flying on an Overseas Flight


Flying overseas can be exciting and difficult. The difficulty varies depending on the length of the flight; the longer it is, the more difficult it can be. That difficulty can be reduced by following a few steps. Take it from someone that has flown overseas countless times.

  1. Go out for a long walk the day that you’re flying. This is the one chance you will have for exercise before the long flight. You will have to get out earlier if you happen to be taking a flight that leaves mid-morning.
  2. Ease up on alcohol and caffeine during the flight. Neither is good for you overall, so it’s best to avoid period.
  3. Sleep when you are feeling tired. If you happen to be flying to Australia or New Zealand, this is critical because you’ll be on the plane at least 14 hours. Read a book, get up and walk around, and get sleep when you are feeling tired.
  4. Get up and walk about the plane. Do this at least once during the flight. I like to head to the rear lavatory area and stretch a bit there. There’s always ample space to do this. This will help get the blood circulating after sitting down for so long.
  5. Adjust your watch to the time zone of your destination before you take off. I do this just before take-off. It will get you adjusted to your new time zone. You would be surprised how many people forget that they are traveling across several time zones!
  6. Take a sleeping aid. This would be helpful if you know you can’t sleep on planes. But only take a small portion!

These tips will not prevent jet-lag; they reduce the severity of it. Jet-lag is inevitable, no matter what. You will be feeling out of it when you arrive at your destination. This is why you should leave that first day open so you can recover. This means if you are going on a tour, a cruise, or have business meetings to attend, give yourself an extra day in between so that you will be totally fresh and better prepared. So stay healthy up there and happy travels!

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