Five Actors That Have Influenced My Writing

One of my writer friends, Veronica Scott, wrote a post similar to this. On her blog, she talked about fictitious women that have inspired her writing. It made me realize that there are actors that have similarly influenced my own writing. After recalling specific actors, I decided to list those actors and their qualities that drove me to write stories.

Benjamin McKenzie – he currently plays Commissioner Gordon on Gotham. I will always remember him as Ryan Atwood on the O.C. His character starts out as an at-risk youth from the wrong side of the tracks. At the end of the series, he becomes very successful, and helps out a troubled young man. What I like most about Ryan is the fact that he is not afraid to take on anyone that gets in his way. I’m currently plotting a novel where the main character is inspired by Atwood. Kudos to you Benjamin for delivering such a stellar performance of Ryan!

Robert De Niro – He needs no introduction. You know his roles and his movies. He delivers a spectacular performance with every character he plays. What’s inspired me most about him was his role as Sam Rothstein in Casino. His character narrates all the happenings throughout the movie. It engages the audience and truly makes you feel as if you are there the whole time. It also appeals to the emotions. It’s the kind of narration any writer would like to use.

Chris O’Donnell – He is probably most remembered for playing Robin in the Batman movies of the the late 1990’s. I watched him in a few movies during that era, and I admired his acting skills. He played the type of hero that was determined to achieve his goal even when others disagreed with him – including parents. Chris plays characters that you truly care about and can easily cheer on. That is why he has influenced my stories.

Bill Murray – One of my favorite comedy actors. For me, most of the characters he has played can be described as eccentric. I remember him best for his roles in Ghostbusters 1 and 2, Groundhog Day and What About Bob? Humorous characters like the ones Bill has played definitely add spice to stories.

Tommy Lee Jones – He’s played a mix of villains and heroes in his movies. I will always remember him for his role in The Fugitive. Jones’ characters, for me, inspire charisma and leadership. I like fictional characters that display these qualities.

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