Weekend Writing Warriors/#Sunday – Melissa Is Cornered

This is Weekend Writing Warriors. The weekly blog hob where you share 8-10 sentences of any work of writing, published or unpublished. Click on the link for the list of participating authors, as well as guidelines for posting snippets.

I’m sharing another snippet from The Burning Night. In this snippet, Melissa’s mom tries to convince her to give the house a chance. Through a little foot rub and reminding her about dorm life, her mother manages to succeed. This is all in Melissa’s POV.

She shifted back on the bed and rubbed my feet.

“If you think this place is creepy, how on earth are you going to handle sharing a room in a dorm three thousand miles away from home?”

I purred as her fingers did their magic on my toes. She was better than those massagers in spas. I guess she had a point about living in the dorms. Her lingering touch gave me that extra push to tell her what she needed to hear.

Letting out a sigh, I looked into her eyes with a lopsided smile without even opening my mouth. “Alright, Mom. I’ll give this house a chance, maybe it’s just my imagination.”

I swallowed hard and gritted my teeth. “And…I’ll, like, be nicer to Dad.”

Aw man, did I just say that?

Melissa’s mother certainly knows to persuade her daughter. At the same time it corners Melissa and forces her to “play ball”. The scene between these two concludes next week.

I would love to know your thoughts and as always thanks for commenting. I look forward to reading your snippets too!

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#Sunday – Melissa Is Cornered

  1. It’s awful what we say in our weakest moments! Thank you for sharing, Frank.

  2. Mom is definitely a massage therapist, with emphasis on ‘therapist’.

  3. Toothless smile? Does that mean she kept her mouth shut as she smiled or what? Maybe leave out toothless. Good snippet.

    Thanks bunches for the contact last week. I’ll do a post for her July 15th. A gracious woman.

  4. Dorm rooms aren’t creepy old houses, Mom. 🙂

    You have me suspecting everyone of having ulterior motives, Frank, except for Melissa 9and maybe Ashley). Are they part of an experiment already?

  5. Melissa’s mom is very good at this mom thing! And she’s right about the dorm rooms. 🙂

  6. So many thoughts and ideas, and yet… Oh, boy. My willies-meter is off the roof right now.

  7. siobhanmuir

    Oh, man, I hope Mom and Dad have no idea what’s wrong with the house, because that’s just cruel. Great snippet, Frank. 🙂

    • Mom and Dad are oblivious to the situation. There would be no salvation for Melissa and Ashley otherwise.

  8. It’s amazing what a foot rub can do! Enjoying this story Frank.

  9. She suckered her daughter into agreeing with that massage, didn’t she?

  10. I enjoyed the conversation between them, and the way the Mom get the daughter to rethink the college experience. Although this house IS creepy LOL. Another terrific snippet!

  11. Oh my goodness, I could almost feel her fingers on my toes. Nice! I wish my mom gave foot massages.

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