Weekend Writing Warriors/#Sunday – A Little Lullaby

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors the 8-10 sentence blog hop featuring many talented writers. Click on the link if you want to see the official list, and/or view the guidelines on how to participate. Happy Father’s Day to those in the U.S. and Canada. Today I’m continuing to offer another snippet from The Burning Night. Melissa’s mom tries to make her daughter feel a little more comfortable in the country house where they are staying in. She sings her a lullaby that she used to sing to her as a little girl. This snippet is formatted in the 10 sentence limit, and this is Melissa’s POV:

She pulled me into her arms, resting my face on her shoulder. The scent of perfume was even stronger as she rocked me back and forth. The hotness of her breath tickled my back.

“The moon is up, the stars are out, the world’s asleep toni-iiight,” she sang. That old lullaby she used to sing to me and Ashley when we were little. “The comfy sheets keep you warm from your little shoulders down to your baby toes, toni-iiight. My love will protect you from the evil fright, wrapping around you all through the ni-iiight.”
      Her soothing words caressed me from head to toe. Memories of her coming into my room and singing to me after a bad dream instantly flashed in my mind. I purred as her fingers trailed down my back.

Who says lullabies are just for kids? You find this particular one later in the story. Your feedback with this is much appreciated. I will share one more snippet next week before I go away on vacation. Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to visit other participating writers.

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#Sunday – A Little Lullaby

  1. The lullaby is so sweet, and the whole snippet is so soothing… But I wonder what you have up your sleeve! I sense a plot twist coming! 🙂 Good snippet, Frank!

  2. I agree! Lullabies are great for all ages! Loving Melissa’s reaction to the cuddles and the singing. 🙂

  3. You’ve painted an idyllic scene that takes me back to my own childhood. Lovely writing, Frank, the calm before the storm.

  4. Wow, talk about relaxing! Great lullaby! 😀

  5. To bad moms can’t really protect us from all the evil in the world…

  6. I’m with Teresa, I have a feeling that this lovely and sweet moment will be followed with something very different;). Great 8.

  7. Beautiful writing, particularly in the first paragraph. You use all the senses to remind us what it’s like to be held as a child. I like.

  8. Very sweet! And I’m with Teresa–I sense one of your plot twists! 🙂

  9. She sounds like a wonderful mom – but I agree with Teresa that there’s gotta be some twist coming.

  10. So… a peaceful slumber leading to a very rough awakening? After too little sleep in the first place? Only thing… the purring. Are these people felinoid?

    • The purring is a way of showing a person when they being touched in a good way.

      • I understood that. It’s just the sound doesn’t quite fit what I hear in human vocal chords (though a lot of people try to anthropomorphize their actions to suit cats, our vocal chords come along more like a coo).

  11. Great snippet. I always have felt comforted when I’m in my mothers arms. I remember the way she held me as a young child and miss it. Your piece is full of good emotions, I absolutely love it!

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