Why I Don’t Write Full-Time


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog, so I thought I would share this. Actually, I had intended to post this earlier, but well…that just didn’t happen. Anyway, I love writing. It gives me a rush, a reason for living, and a sense of contributing something special to the rest of the world. But as much as I love it, I would never quit my day job and pursue it full time. Sure I probably would have written and published four books by now, but the sacrifices I would’ve had to make aren’t worth it. I’m not dissing full-time writers out there. I have so many writing friends that do it, so I take my sombrero off to them. I’m just saying that it ain’t for me. And here’s why:

  1. I love my job – I’m a grad student and a part-time teacher. Soon I will be a college professor. I love what I do and the people I work with. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
  2. Computer time – I simply can’t stare at a screen while I hit the keyboard for eight to nine hours a day, everyday. I need variety. I need to get out, get exercise, and enjoy this wonderful place we call Earth. After all, I won’t be here forever.
  3. Don’t want to give up everything else – I play soccer, volunteer, hike, ski, etc. If I became a full-time writer, I’d have to give up some, if not all of these precious things I love dearly. And that ain’t gonna happen consarn it!
  4. Relying on loyalties for income – Many writers make enough on these to live the same life they did when they were working full time. However, your income isn’t always certain. You can have good months and bad months in terms of sales, and sometimes you need some extra funds to offset those “cloudy days”. I just wouldn’t be comfortable having to deal with uncertain income. I had enough of that when I was a travel agent.
  5. I’m in no rush to become a bestseller – I may never even become one! But that’s OK. Even if it takes me another few years before I get my first book out there, I’m happy with the pace I’m following. It’s what works best for me, and I don’t want to change that.
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One thought on “Why I Don’t Write Full-Time

  1. chellecordero

    As a full time free lance writer (novelist and journalist) I have to tell you that #4 is the biggest concern, all too often I’ve told people (only half jokingly) that I am a kept woman – it’s rough. As for the other activities I volunteered for most of my adult life often more hours than a full-time job and I managed to incorporate many of those experiences into my writing (2 EMS suspense novels, a monthly EMS themed column in a trade newspaper, and assorted articles here and there). That all being said, it is certainly do-able.

    However, being a full time anything is not for everyone. I truly admire your teaching abilities, the closest I can come to that is leading occasional writing workshops. Being an artist, of any kind, is following your passion and it seems you have found yours. Kudos. You have a definite way with words so you are making even more of a contribution to the world with your skills. I’ve enjoyed the snippets you post (missed you lately though) and look forward to seeing the finished product on Amazon or such when you are ready to make it happen.

    As for variety and sitting in front of a computer screen (let me adjust my glasses now), I spend much of my solitary day in a fantasy world… maybe not something I want to spread around? But it pretty much gives me lots of variety, lol. You come into contact with lots of people and I am sure absorb from them as well as impact their lives. In order to be happiest at what e do we first have to understand ourselves, our needs, and our dreams. It seems you have 😉

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