Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Meet Melissa’s Dad

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Sorry I didn’t participate last week. Things got really rough last week, and let’s just say I needed that Sunday to be out in nature and alone with my thoughts. I’m alright now, but your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated. It’s always great to know I have friends like you on my side.

Anyway, another snippet from The Burning Night, which is two chapters away from being finished.

This snippet features my MC, Melissa, and her father. After she sees the inside of the country house, she goes outside on the pretense of needing fresh air. Her dad is annoyed by her reactions to the house, and lets her know.

Footsteps thumped behind me, and I suddenly felt my hoodie being tugged. Turning around, I saw my father’s fiery eyes locked onto me as he folded arms across his chest.

            “Ever since I announced this trip, you’ve done nothing but complain. I’ve told you a hundred times we need a vacation – I need a vacation! It’s been a very rough year for me!”

            “Whatever, Dad,” I said sourly. Since when does a high school principal get stressed out? I’m glad I wasn’t at his school. “Why couldn’t we have gone to Florida or Hawaii?”

            “Your perception of reality concerns me, young lady.”

This fight is only just beginning, and my next few snippets will focus on this scene. I will be away next weekend as I’m attending a writing workshop in Columbus, Ohio. I will be back on W.W.W. the following week.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this snippet, and I will do my best to read yours today.

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23 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Meet Melissa’s Dad

  1. This sounds totally real, Frank! It’s nice to see her dad here, I don’t think you’ve included him before. If you did and I forgot, slap my hands! I’ve been curious about the family dynamics so this is very nice to see.

    Hope life calms down for you. I know that stress is not good for a person. Glad you were able to spend some time out in nature, that always helps me too.


  2. I love this argument. Father/daughter it’s always a strain especially an academic! Frank, lighten up and enjoy life. Time goes by so fast.

  3. Sorry to hear week before last was so rough, but I’ll send good thoughts now. Enjoyed the snippet, lovely to get a new insight on all of this since we haven’t heard from the Dad yet.

  4. Love the teenage perspective on adult life here. I remember thinking that principals did nothing but walk around the school all day and say hi to the students. What a great life!:-)

  5. Hmmm. I can hear his stress! I remember being that teenager😒

  6. Typical teen, a little self-centered– or maybe a lot! The phrase “perception of reality” sounds a little stilted to me, though. Like something even a fairly formal person might not say. What about changing “perception” to a slightly less formal word to even it out? Like ‘grasp’ or ‘understanding?’

    Hang in there!

  7. As a former principal (though elementary school), I adored this line: “Since when does a high school principal get stressed out?” She really has no idea about his life, does she?

  8. So very real sounding words flying back and forth! Still, I’m curious about the parents and how they did come to choose this vacation spot. Good snippet, Frank. I hope life calms down for you!

  9. “Whatever Dad?” Oh I would have so gotten smacked down. Nice response from dad though. Good to see you back online, hoping everything is going much smoother this week. 🙂

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