Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Little Does He Know

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, and Happy Valentines to all ! Click on the link if you want to know who’s participating, and/or how you can participate too! Thanks to everyone who commented on my post last week; it was great to reconnect with you all after a long absence!

I’m sharing another excerpt from Room For Three. With the arrival of Joey’s sister looming, Mike wants to know why she’s not too excited. This is all in Joey’s POV:


Mike sits down in the armchair next to me as I take a sip from the mug without asking what’s in it. I know right away it’s Irish Cream coffee, and the mix of whiskey, cream, coffee and sugar instantly dances on my tongue. Mike gazes at me with his emerald Irish green eyes, tingling me all over.

“I get the feelin’ you’re not thrilled about your wee sis joinin’ ya at school,” he implies.

My lips stretch ear to ear briefly before I turn my head to one side.

“Ah c’mon, she’s family,” he tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. “I know you’ve had your battles in the past, but ye must look forward, now.”

He clutches my hand, and the warmth of his fingers races through my skin. Little does he know about my battles with Sarah. I didn’t put a lock on my bedroom door for nothing.


The last line says a lot doesn’t it! Sarah isn’t exactly the nicest person in the world. I’ll share a snippet next week with her in it. Your feedback is most appreciated. I will do my best to read everyone’s snippet today, but it will likely be later in the day when I can as I’m out hiking today.

I’m taking the Miller Analogies Test tomorrow, which the final requirement for my PhD application. Wish me luck!

Remember that Valentines Day isn’t just about the cards, candies and candlelit dinners. It’s about showing your lovey how much they mean to you. Do something special, something they would not expect!


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18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Little Does He Know

  1. Good luck Frank, you are going to ace the test.

    Nice foretelling. Sarah is going to stir things up in a big way.

  2. His ‘wee sis’ sounds rather dangerous. I wonder why?

  3. Ugh, an evil sister. THat doesn’t bode well. Great snippet. The only thing weird for me was MIke gazing at her weightlessly… I don’t quite see the visual here or how it’s possible. Good luck on your test!!

  4. Way wonderful, Frank and best of luck to you, big guy.

  5. Wonderful excerpt, Frank! You’ve got this writing thing nailed 🙂 I especially like the line about his eyes, evocative and not overdone.

    Hiking, I can’t do that where I live now and sure wish I could. Hope you have tons of fun. And wishing you the very best with that test, but I’m sure you’ll ace it!


    • Thanks Marcia. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hike today because we are expecting a few inches of snow this afternoon. I do hope I do well on the test, but it won’t be easy. Luckily, I don’t need to get high score.

  6. I somehow missed seeing you last week- good to have you around again! Loved the description of the coffee-yummy! And that last sentence really says a lot.

  7. Good luck with the test! And have a great day today….minor nit – she can’t avert HIS gaze.She can avert her own though. Sarah sounds like a piece of work indeed, can’t wait for more details!

  8. He doesn’t know, because she hasn’t told him. Not really his fault, then.

    Good luck!

  9. WOW! You got my attention with that last line. Nice job, Frank. Oh–I enjoyed the brogue, also. 🙂

  10. Okay, one more time, lol, because twice (again, this week) I left a comment and it didn’t appear. I didn’t see anything about comment moderation. I just went back to last week’s post (because the same thing happened last week) and I see that two comments finally appeared.

    Anyhoo, just in case you thought I was going nuts and leaving double comments–thought I’d leave a third comment to let you know it’s not me. Really. lol.

  11. Great snippet! I love his brogue, and that last line is great!

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