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Well life got in the way last week, hence my lack of presence. I’m happy to be sharing another snippet from Room For Three. In this excerpt, we find Joey at her college on the first day of the fall semester. She runs into her little sister, Sarah, who is wearing Joey’s shoes without her permission. Joey’s not happy.

The snippet has been modified to fit the 10-sentence limit:

I study Sarah’s first-day-of-college apparel, admiring her green Hurricane t-shirt and baggy jeans. My eyes grow wide when I see what’s on her feet.

“Are you wearing my flip-flops?”

She lowers her chin, glances at her feet before her eyes meet me. “Don’t they look cute on me?” she says simply.

“Take ‘em off, right now,” I say sharply, causing a couple of guys to glance at us as they walk past me.

Sarah’s mouth spreads into a thin-lipped smile as she lowers a brow. “You don’t, like, expect your little sister to walk around campus barefoot, do you?”

A mild rage begins to simmer in my belly.


What a little thief Sarah is! This is the very first of many troublesome acts she burdens on Joey. It’s part of the plot of the story, in which Joey must overcome. I will share one more excerpt from this story (hopefully life’s happenings won’t get in the way).

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21 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Little Thief!

  1. This makes me glad I didn’t have a sister. Oh, wait a minute — I did! And do!

    But she never wore my shoes. Guess I’m lucky.

  2. I would be annoyed, too. Though it sounds like they might have other issues as well.

  3. Nothing like sibling rivalry to put a smile on my face. Brings back many times of arguments with my brother. Enjoyed this one.

  4. Terrific snippet, so perfect I pictured being right there.

  5. I can sympathize with the sister issues! When you’ve got a running theme of getting even, little things like flip flops seem so important. Great excerpt, Frank. Pick up from here next time, please 🙂


    • This is the beginning of Sarah getting even. I will pick up from here indeed! It will be the last excerpt from this story.

  6. Not only thieving but manipulating too!

  7. I’m a little surprised the shoes fit her–and more surprised at his reaction, which seems a bit much. It hints at other problems, for sure!
    And she can absolutely walk around barefoot–I have seen it done.

    • Remember Joey is a she. It’s short for Joanna. When they were kids, Sarah would take Joey’s stuff without permission, so this is bringing back memories. Sarah can walk around barefoot, but she’s opposed to doing so.

  8. I’d call it more of a coincidence, but good point. I can always change this.

  9. I have 4 sisters, and I think you’ve captured it well. Growing up we fought with each other over clothes, chores…lol Good snippet, Frank. 🙂

  10. Not gonna like– I like Sarah. Great relationship between the sisters! By great I of course mean realistic. Wonder what Joey will do about this now…

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