So Much to Be Thankful For


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Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers down south. As you settle in with loved ones over stuffing, yam, gravy and the big bird, take some time to be thankful for all the great things you have in your life – health, wealth (even if it’s not what you call wealth), family, friends, and most of all a country under democracy.

Now I know some of you may be in a state of despair after the recent election, but you are still living in a country where you have the freedom live as you like; speak your mind; vote in elections; travel around the country. These are luxuries which, unfortunately, not everyone else around the world gets to enjoy.

In addition to being thankful for what you have, you should think about your fellow man, and offer prayer. Offer prayers to:

  • your family and friends
  • those who are sick, depressed or need help
  • Americans who are living, studying, and serving abroad
  • families travelling, refugees, and those affected by natural disasters
  • all those affected by the Syrian civil war

The list goes on. I particularly like praying for my countrymen living abroad, since I’ve lived abroad myself.

So may your Thanksgiving feast fill your bellies and reflections fill your hearts and souls. Happy Thanksgiving!




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