Weekend Writing Warriors – “Come ‘ere and say that!” #8Sunday


Welcome to the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors and happy post-Cinco de Mayo! Click on the link for participation guidelines, as well as the official list of participating authors. Thanks for including me in your Sunday reading!

Continuing with another snippet from Due For Love, we pick up from last week’s edition. Melissa was attempting to water the plants in her dad’s garden when the patio deck suddenly burns her feet (it’s plus ninety outside). Her ex-boyfriend, who has a part-time job taking care of Melissa’s next-door neighbor’s house, laughs at her misfortune. The snippet has been formatted to meet the ten sentence rule.

Warning: snippet contains coarse language; reader discretion advised

Mocking laughter sails through the air behind me as I pour an entire can’s worth of water all around my feet in order to cool this damn deck down, before collapsing onto the patio couch.

“Melissa, yo-you’re too much,” Chris teases in between guffawing. After three years together, I can recognize that sometimes-squeaky voice instantly, and if he’d knew what was good for him, he’d shut the fuck up before I rip his damn throat out!

        I snap my head over my shoulder, wincing as I caress the bottoms of feet, to find Chris with his arms wrapped over the fence. “The hell you laughin’ at?!”

       “You…the star of your new show,” he quips with a cheeky smile.

       “What fuckin’ show?”

      “Melissa on a Hot Tin Deck!”

      Ignoring the burns, I jump to my feet and lock eyes with the boy that killed three years of love with five cruel words. “Come ‘ere and say that to my face, ya little shit!”

Well Chris should be more sensitive – and run for his life! Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated! And many thanks to everyone for congratulating me on my new job!

I’m off to Madrid on Wednesday, which means I will be away from W.W.W. for a bit. I’ll be visiting friends in Spain, Portugal, Poland and Germany over three weeks, and I will finally get to meet my friend, Elyzabeth M. Valey!

Hopefully, spring is being good to you wherever you are! See you again soon!

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19 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – “Come ‘ere and say that!” #8Sunday

  1. If he really knows her, and I gather he does, he should know to be careful about pushing too hard. Say hello to Elyzabeth for me.

    • Chris definitely needs to be more careful with his actions. And I shall give my regards to Elyzabeth for you.

  2. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Oh, I think I’d dump the water over his head. Nice snippet, and I wish you well on your trip!

    • Dumping the water over him would’ve been a good idea, but she obviously needed it for her poor feet

  3. Frank, this snippet is delightful. Happy journey!

  4. He’s a real funny guy, isn’t he? I can see why she might have broken up with him. Your trip sounds fabulous- have a great time!

    • Actually, he broke up with her, which is revealed as you progress through the story. Thanks!

  5. Yikes, no wonder they broke up!

  6. Diane Burton

    He’s a jerk, isn’t he? Enjoy your trip.

  7. nancygideon

    Nice sparky dialog! I can see why these two didn’t last as a couple. Have a great trip!

    • Well actually, Chris broke up with her and she’s been so pissed about it since. She still has feelings for him, but you wouldn’t know it from the snippet.

  8. Oh, she sounds like she means it!

    Enjoy your getaway! Give Elyzabeth a hug from me!

    • Yes she does mean it! Kinda cruel to tease someone when they’ve had a misfortune such as this. Thanks Teresa!

  9. Yay!!!! And as for the snippet, her ex-boyfriend is an idiot.

  10. Yay! I can’t wait! As for the snippet, it’s a good thing he’s her ex! Ugh

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