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Welcome to the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors Click on the link for participation guidelines, as well as the official list of participating authors. Hard to believe we’re into the iconic last weekend of summer. Alas, it’s my last weekend in Canada. Bags packed, passport, plane ticket in hand.
I’m continuing with my YA WIP entitled, Love Conquers (I can’t believe I came up wiith a title so fast). Full blurb can be found here.

Last week, the story kicked off with Melissa reminiscing about her late mother. This week, she discovers that her little sister has snuck into her room. POV is entirely in Melissa’s. Please note that this is a first draft and the snippet is formatted to meet the ten sentence rule.

      A snort fills the air from below, followed by familiar laughter exhaling through the nose.
     I suddenly notice my door is open just enough for someone to peek inside, which shouldn’t be because I always shut every night before going to bed.
     Sitting up, my eyes furrow at the door. “What the hell?”
     My body freezes as I hear a chuckle, my eyes following it downward. Someone’s in my room! Someone five-foot-something with my banana blond hair, aquamarine eyes and a small mole on her chin.
     My younger sister, Ashley, springs from the side of my bed like a Jack-in-the-Box, squeals, and pounces on me as I let out a shriek. My heart goes into a storm of pounding, a struggle ensues as I try to wrestle my sixteen-year-old, soon-to-be dead sister off me.

Ashley has a habit of pranking her sister. And Melissa not being a morning person won’t be pleased. Thoughts and feedback are most welcome.

I’m spending my last weekend in North America volunteering at a local ribfest (a festival dedicated to ribs). I’ve done it the last two years and absolutely love it. I will continue to share snippets once I arrive in Poland. Depending on how my arrival goes, I plan to participate next weekend. I might be physically far away but I’m with you all in spirit!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – “Why You Little!”

  1. Delightful snippet. Frank. My best to you always. Love, Charmaine

  2. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Well, better to be her sister than a stranger.

    Have a great weekend and safe travels!

  3. I wonder what Ashley was up to? Did Melissa catch her before she could do whatever she was going to do, or was pouncing the prank?

    • Ashley sneaked into Melissa’s room, waiting to pounce on her. Melissa had no idea. It’s actually something Ashley likes to do.

  4. I hope your two fictional siblings settle their differences in a more calm manner than my sons… I’ve come home to find my oven door propped against the kitchen counter. My treasured Christmas angel’s wing scotch taped back on with a post-it-note saying ‘Sorry’, a hole in the drywall and a blood stain in the carpet that magically came out with ‘Stain Away’ – after a visit to the hospital for stitches, of course. Noses bleed something horrible when ‘tapped’. In case you’re wondering, this was not all at the same time. I had my hands full… They are now grown and dealing with their own children (insert evil laugh)

    • Wow! Ashley and Melissa’s sibling rivalry never escalates to the point of your children. The funny thing is it is Ashley that pranks her sister first. Glad you enjoyed the snippet!

  5. I think you captured the moment between the two sisters very well. Best wishes on the move to Poland! Enjoyed the excerpt…

  6. You capture perfectly the relationship between the sisters. I always wished for a sibling and that’s why I had two children so they would have someone to prank or do whatever with. 🙂 Great snippet!

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