Weekend Writing Warriors – Watch Your Step!


It’s the first edition of 2019 for the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for visiting my blog!
I’m sharing a snippet from my YA WIP, Love Conquers. Unfortunately, it’s not a holiday season read. Full blurb can be found by clicking the Love Conquers page on my blog.
In this snippet, Melissa accidently steps on a thumbtack at home. Believing it to be a prank by her younger sister, Ashley, she takes it out on her when she comes to her aid. Creative editing has been used to meet the sentence limit.

       I take another step when something hard impales my foot. “Oww,” I grab my foot and hop around on the other, filling the air with every cuss word in the book.

       “Mel, are you okay?” Ashley’s voice sails from upstairs as I eventually lose my balance and collapse on the floor.

       Footsteps drum the staircase, and my eyes catch my sister, clad in a tank top and sky-blue pajama pants, racing toward me with a healthy mix of fright and concern in her aquamarine eyes.

       I spot a thumbtack lying on the floor, and then glare at her. “You little bitch,” I slam a balled fist into her foot, but she manages to jerk it out of her slipper just as my fist pounds the fuzzy black fabric.

       “Hey, what the fuck is your problem?” Ashley demands, sliding her foot back into her slipper.

        “Don’t play stupid with me, I’m gonna need a fuckin’ tetanus shot!”


Oh the agony of de-feet! Looks like Ashley is in trouble! What will Melissa do to her? More from this scene next time. Be sure to visit the blogs of other participating writers today.

On a personal note, my trip to Egypt was amazing! One of the best countries I’ve been to, despite the security situation there. I thought I would share a photo from the trip. Have a great weekend everyone!



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18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Watch Your Step!

  1. This is a very believable scenario that says quite a lot about the relationship between the sisters (which is not great).

    • I’m glad it’s believable. Like most sisters, Ashley and Melissa go through boiling points. Thanks Ed!

  2. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Ouch! I had a thumbtack go in between my nail and thumb. They really hurt. I wonder how much fighting this will cause.

    • Ouch! I’m sorry you went through that. If Ashley did put the thumbtack there on purpose, Melissa will give it to her good!

  3. Quite the scene! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Egypt trip!

  4. nancygideon

    I see a lot of counseling ahead for these two! Geez, they make me remember my boys at that ages.

  5. Diane Burton

    Typical siblings. LOL Yep, a tetanus shot may be in her future. Glad you had a good time in Egypt, and got home safely.

  6. Yikes, that is some ferocity between these sisters!

  7. Ouch! But how is she so certain her sister is to blame?

  8. I realize it hurts, but why is she so quick to blame her sister? Welcome back! Glad you had an enjoyable and safe trip.

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