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This is the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad I can be sharing in the Sunday Snippet magic. I hope spring has arrived early in your parts. It’s come early here in Poland!
I’m sharing a snippet from my YA WIP, Love Conquers. Full blurb can be found by clicking the Love Conquers page on my blog.
This snippet takes place in a flashback where heroine, Melissa, recalls the day after her boyfriend dumped her. She has been in bed all day and is grief-stricken. In this scene, her sister, Ashley, tries to boost her spirits by inviting her to a yoga class. But yoga isn’t Melissa’s thing. Creative editing has been used to meet the sentence limit:


          Ashley scoots beside me on my bed, stretches her legs out and crosses her ankles. She wraps an arm around my shoulder and rests my head on her chest. My eyes instantly well up with tears. I’m glad she’s being an awesome sister but at the same time I just don’t want her to see me like this.
          “I’m goin’ to yoga class in an hour, wanna come? My studio, like, charges sixteen bucks to drop in, but I’ll cover ya.”
           She knows perfectly well that I hate yoga. I tried it once with Chris and quickly realized I’m not flexible enough to do all those weird poses. I was amazed I didn’t barf after being in a room for an hour full of people wearing too much cologne or perfume, not to mention stinky feet.
           “I’d rather walk barefoot over a bed of red-hot coals,” I groan.

Walk over hot coals? That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think, Melissa? Looks like Ashley is going to have to suggest something better to get her sister out of bed.

Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks again for visiting, and be sure to visit other participating authors’ blogs.

I’m up in Warsaw for the day, so it will take me awhile to respond to your comments.


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18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – The Good Sister

  1. She has a rather extreme view of yoga — which of course makes a good scene.

  2. Author Jessica E. Subject

    LOL Thank goodness my yoga class experiences were never that bad.

  3. Nice scene, a good plot twist that the sister is offering comfort in a style that works for her (the yoga) and doesn’t seem to understand it doesn’t have the same effect on your heroine. Very human! Enjoyed the snippet…

  4. nancygideon

    LOL! I admire her honesty! I hope her sister takes it well.

  5. What? She doesn’t like yoga? lol Stinky feet aside, I love it.
    Great scene.

  6. Her description of the yoga class is so funny. Great scene!

  7. Charming snippet; so like a family.

  8. Cara Hartley

    A lovely rapport between the sisters.
    I have a lot of physical issues and found that doing yoga in a therapy pool was very helpful. Sadly, I no longer have access to a therapy pool. I really miss it.

  9. She is so dramatic, lol. Hot coals… I like this snippet, Frank. Nice writing!

    • Thanks Teresa! I think Melissa is going overboard with the hot coals thing. She should consider what would happen to the bottoms of her feet LOL.

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