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Welcome to the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for the official list of participating writers to get your fix of snippets. You’ll also find me on Facebook’s Snippet Sunday. Thanks for visiting my blog on this Easter weekend!

Continuing from my WIP, Driving Me Wild.  In the same chapter as last week’s snippet, but in a different scene.

Melissa is at home texting her online dating match, Logan, when her younger sister, Ashley, notices. She knows that Melissa is on a dating site, and suspects she’s talking to a guy. Now she wants to know who.

Creative punctuation has been used to meet the sentence limit. Disclaimer: snippet contains coarse language.



Ashley springs to her feet from the sofa. “Oh my God, you, like, met someone on that site, you’re textin’ him!”

Keeping my eyes fastened to my phone, I reply, “I’m texting Cass, stupid, now get lost!” 

“Bullshit, c’mon, who is he?”

I snort and ignore her.

“Tell me who he is or else!”

I look up from the screen and catch her a few feet away from me, beaming, and arms folded with mischief dancing in her eyes. 

Framing a glare with my brows, I slip my phone under the pillow behind me and ball both fists. What makes the little brat think that she’ll beat me up?

“Ash, you lay one finger on me, and I’ll-”


Whoa! Looks like Ashley’s made her move. Silly of Melissa to try and lie to her sister about texting her friend. Find out what happens next week! Your feedback is most welcome and appreciated. In return, I will snippets and offer comments. And have a very safe and enjoyable Easter!



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22 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#Snippet Sunday – Tell Me or Else!

  1. Love it big time, my friend. Sisters tend to get in the way. Really delightful.

  2. She’ll what? I assume it’s tell their parents, but I wouldn’t wonder if you’ll surprise me.

  3. Karysa Faire

    Happy Easter, Frank! I really enjoyed this snippet. I can totally picture the sibling dynamic.

  4. Realistic sibling banter – great job!

  5. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Definitely sounds like two sisters. And if they’re not quiet, I’m sure their dad will find out, too.

  6. Quite the scene! But of course the sister wants to know everything…very realistic snippet.

  7. Oh sisterly love, hehe. Wonder how this will play out.

  8. Fantastic banter between siblings. 🙂

  9. Diane Burton

    Sibling rivalry. Gotta love it.

  10. Pesky little sister. 🙂

  11. Linda Hamonou

    Now that’s some violent sibling love lol.

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