Weekend Writing Warriors – Please Go Away!


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for the official list of participating writers. You’ll also find me on Facebook’s Snippet Sunday. Thanks for visiting my blog! Today is particularly special for the first time ever, this week’s edition coincides with my birthday today!

I’m sharing an excerpt from my WIP, Driving Me Wild.  We continue a few lines from last week’s snippet.

Melissa is in her room, trying to take a nap, when her sister, Ashley, knocks on her door. Melissa doesn’t appreciate being disturbed as she needs rest before her date with Logan.

The snippet begins with Melissa reacting to Ashley disturbing her. Creative punctuation has been used to meet the sentence limit.  Here we go!


           “Geez maneez, what part of ‘do not disturb’ didn’t ya understand?!”

            My door creaks open as feet shuffling across my carpet fills the air. “Hey, I did get a C minus in English,” Ashley chirps with a cackle.

            What gives? I never bother her when she’s trying to take a nap.

            She pulls up my chair beside my bed, facing me. “The hell happened to you?”

            I grunt and answer, “Let’s just say Mike has, like, more energy than the Road Runner, and that playin’ basketball in flip-flops sucks!”

            Another cackle sails my way.

            “Get lost,” I hiss, “can’t you see I’m tryin’ get a little beauty rest?”



Better do what she says, Ashley! Have some sympathy, will ya? And note that Mike is the name of the boy Melissa babysits (they have a great relationship). I will likely share a snippet from a different chapter next time. Thoughts and feedback are most welcome!

I will be doing the best I can do enjoy my birthday. Intending to do Japanese takeout and later smoke a birthday stogy! I’ll make sure to stop by your blogs today, as well! In other happy news, this time next week I will be moving into my new condo!

Here’s to another Sunday!


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20 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Please Go Away!

  1. They sound just like sisters should sound. lol

    Happy birthday, Frank!! ENjoy that stogie, and best wishes on your new digs. 🙂

    • Thanks Teresa! Yes, it’s true about the sisters part. Though, I wish they would be a little more compassionate.

  2. Frank, first I wish you a super Happy Birthday and second, I’m getting a kick out of your story. Hugs from Charmaine Gordon.

  3. Enjoyed your snippet.

  4. Happy Birthday Frank! I don’t think Ashley should interrupt naps either.

  5. Ian Bott

    The “C minus” response cracked me up!

  6. Happy Birthday, good luck with moving and I enjoyed the snippet. They do sound like sisters for sure!

  7. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Happy birthday!

    They irritate each other exactly as siblings do.

  8. Is C minus something to be happy about or sad about? Or is it just an excuse?

    • She really did get a C minus. She’s just trying to be funny and further get under Melissa’s skin. But she shouldn’t be proud of it!

  9. Linda Hamonou

    Haha typical sister talk. C minus doesn’t sound all that great.

  10. Happy Birthday !! Well done on the snippet, very real !

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